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    Autos as strong as indicas?

    No--honestly, I have never had an auto that I was impressed with in the least. Autos are a cross of cannabis ruderalis with either cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. Asking if an auto is as strong as a photoperiod plant, is, in my mind, like asking if a screwdriver is as strong as a glass of...
  2. The Hemp Goddess

    First Grow. Lots of ?? LOL

    Please, please don't tell me that you have planted a male outdoors that can potentially pollinate any plants within miles of your home?!? I'm sorry, but this is just so irresponsible and rude.
  3. The Hemp Goddess

    First Grow. Lots of ?? LOL

    GET RID OF THE MALES! Pollen can travel for many miles. You are risking not only ruining your crop, but other peoples. Get rid of the males. I'm with Ky on the soil. If this is your repot, your soil still needs tons more perlite or something similar.
  4. The Hemp Goddess

    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    2RedEyes...is that clover you have planted in with your plants? That seems....brilliant! How is it working out? Seems like planting a nitrogen producing cover crop as mulch would work great. I think I read somewhere that Pennsylvania was considering legalizing cannabis because of the costs...
  5. The Hemp Goddess

    4 - water flushes....... How much longer?

    I never flush my plants unless there is a specific problem like overfeeding--never before harvest. I believe that it is detrimental to, well, everything. You are asking your plant to put on weight while starving it. I would simply stop giving nutrients 10-7 days before anticipated harvest and...
  6. The Hemp Goddess

    Unscientific light question...

    Yes, yes they can. Great post orange. In addition, the moon is 238,00 miles away and it is reflected light, not direct light--the moon has no light of its own. This is the main reason that the moon is not a problem. I have also found that there is some difference in outdoor plants and...
  7. The Hemp Goddess

    First fim

    So, now it is a topping and not a fim.
  8. The Hemp Goddess

    Are regular seeds better than feminized?

    Yeah, no credit card at Pacific. I am rather peeved at Pacific Seed Bank. I have been waiting for over 6 weeks for seeds and I am in southern Oregon. They finally answered my 5th inquiry with an automated reply that didn't answer any of my questions or let me know when they might be sending...
  9. The Hemp Goddess


    I'm thinking as a new grower that you would be better off with a more conventional medium, like soil. Coco can be tricky.
  10. The Hemp Goddess

    48hrs of darkness before harvest

    I think basic biology tells us that chlorophyll is only in green parts of the plant and, therefore cannot settle to the roots. I am assuming that other plant nutrients are not going to migrate anywhere either.
  11. The Hemp Goddess

    420trout Jillybean clones.

    Actually, we can handle it, but we feel that mature adults should be able to get their ideas across without the use of profanity, which offends some people. I have a mouth like a sailor (no offense to sailors), but I find it refreshing to visit a site that is not laced with profanity.
  12. The Hemp Goddess


    I'm thinking those are not rooted or the roots are really small. I don't see any of that new growth you get when clones are well rooted. In fact that is usually the first sign that your clones have taken root. What soil did you repot in? What did the roots look like?
  13. The Hemp Goddess

    Can I use this method to make hash?

    This seems like kind of a lot of trouble/expense (Everclear is expensive) for hash when making bubble hash or dry ice hash is so easy. This is similar to how I make RSO, except I do the frozen everything and shake, shake, shake and do not use the butter machine. While I do not use a butter...
  14. The Hemp Goddess

    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    So glad to hear your pup is doing better.
  15. The Hemp Goddess

    48hrs of darkness before harvest

    Yeah...I'm thinking the "theory" is wrong, too. This is the reason that I always want to see some kind of scientific reason behind these ideas. If there is no logical/scientific reasoning behind something, I am surely going to question it.