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    Cant raise humidity...

    Like MrPuffAlot suggested, just mist your plants every so often. Also, a humidifier should work well. I would get yours checked out or bring it back if it puts out no mist. I know I have one and it puts tons of water into the air. TGT
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    2 weeks into flower pic n mix

    It's normal to an extent. I would say yours are going yellow a little too early, but really it is nothing to worry about. They still look healthy. You could give them one more shot of veg formula before you change over to the bud juice. What I do to prevent premature yellowing of the plant...
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    Brown spots on leaves - MACRO pictures attached

    I believe your problem is with lack of micro-nutrients. If you have an 'all-in-one' fertilizer for veg that has micro-nutrients, use it now at half dose. It definitely won't hurt. Since you have not used any nutrients yet, this is most likely what it is. What type of soil are you using...
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    water problems... or temp?

    I have found with soil growing that messing with the waters PH creates more problems than it is worth. If your PH is close to 7, you should be fine. It should be a little lower, but when you add your nutes it usially goes down to the proper level, especially with Phospherous. TGT
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    Yellowing WHITE RHINO leaves in VEG

    The plants will benefit from the larger pots, but that is not your problem. The soil you are using is not the greatest. I used MG soil before and had the exact thing happen. After a while the soils PH will start to correct itself with the addition of nitrogen, but until then you are going to...
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    plants dying... photos here.

    Sorry for the above post, I was in a silly mood. But really to help out your situation, I think you are over fertilizing or just giving them nutes in wierd ratio's. This in itself can cause nute lockout without the PH being the cause. Some nutes need other nutes in certain ratios to uptake...
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    plants dying... photos here.

    I am allergic to nuts too, even the smell of peanut butter makes me ill and break out in hives. TGT
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    snapped stem

    When-ever you snap a stem and it doesn't break off totally, you can fix it with tape and a splint. After a week or so it will form a knuckle and be fine. I have even done this with buds that were so heavy they snaped at the stem. They were five weeks into bud and after splinting them still...
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    Guys Im Worried.....

    They will still grow. Even from seed there is a stretch faze for about three to four weeks into bud. You should be fine. TGT
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    Quick Question for the Electiricians...

    probably the end caps are not making a good contact since you put them back on. Check that - hopefully it hlps. TGT
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    My giant Hermie, 6th week in flower

    I can't say for sure but she looks heavily seeded to me. Unfortunately all those seeds will probably be no good so you'll have to chuck them. You went this far, I guess the best bet would be to let her go another week or so and then chop her down. Better luck next grow. Even though she is a...
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    WW NL Starting Week 5 Flower

    She looks to be at least a 9 weeker, may be longer. Looking good though. TGT
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    apartment grow

    I have done the apartment thing a bunch of years back. It can be pulled off, but your risk is much greater than in a house. Here in Toronto the Vietnamese use 'hydro included' buildings for their grows, so if they can do it for so long without getting caught I am sure you can too. Just...
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    best medium for mothers

    I like Promix. Feed her half veg ferts every watering and keep her on 18 hours light and she should do fine. TGT
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    Ventilation/Odor Control

    I can't see how an inch of charcoal on the bottom of the pot would reduce odor? I don't think it would work. Just my 2 cents. TGT