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    1. The Hemp Goddess
      The Hemp Goddess
      I did not see anything where it says that Sara works for MarII??? But regardless the light is not too much and the problems with his grow are going to be something else entirely. Jeez, it only pulls about 400W and the number of plants or the size of the plants (after they reach veg stage) is immaterial. Any experienced grower knows that. Whether you have 1 plant or 10 plants in a given space, the lumens per sq ft is not affected and the plant receives the same amount of light regardless of the number of plants.
    2. thanhltlt1
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    3. P Jammers
      P Jammers
      You can veg for a while, just keep in mind LED's don't have a ton of penetration so don't let your plants get too big.
    4. P Jammers
      P Jammers
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