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    leaves are turning yellow

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    Help Stat!!

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    how much weight is generally lost during drying/curing?
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    what is the appropriate amount off tobbacco you should add to a session.

    i think mixing tobacco and bud came from the rastafarians, sometimes theyd mix it in with a bowl and i think sometimes theyd roll a joint with it, dont quote me but i think thats where the term spliff originated from
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    nutrient question

    alright ill give it a shot, i use water from the faucet that i let sit out for a few days, im not exactly sure what a soil tester is or what it tests for but ill look into. thanks for the help guys.
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    nutrient question

    oh ok, i still havent gotten an answer to my question though
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    Sick Babies

    im also having this same problem, didnt give them any nutes, watering schedule is fine, ph is around 6.7, all the bottom leaves on all my plants keep doing the same thing yours are doing, turn yellow with brown spots and eventually die off and it just keeps moving up the plant.
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    nutrient question

    thanks insane thats a good idea.
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    nutrient question

    ph is fine, ventilation is good, lots of intake, could use more exhaust though. ive looked around and ive come to the conlusion that its a potassium problem, i just want to make sure im right before i start doing things.
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    nutrient question

    two of them are about a month and a half, the other three are about a month, under a 250w mh, still vegging, ph is fine. i was having the same problem with the older ones a little while ago and it was diagnosed with nutrient burn so i flushed them, which didnt help at all, then when the other...
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    nutrient question

    i have fish emulsions(5-1-1) for nitrogen, bonemeal for phosphorus and kelp(0-0-1) for potassium, all of my plants are having the same problem, the bottom leaves turn yellow with brown spots and eventually die off, ive looked around and have come to the conclusion that i have some kind of...
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    AC 2 DC adaptor

    theres a sticky at the top of this forum that might help, ts called "how to wire a cfm fan"
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    Stoner Geico Commercial

    i dont know about anybody else but i feel that was slightly offensive. i dont want people to think that because im a stoner im also an idiot.
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    Let's Keep It Clean People

    damn, i also roll my own cigarettes so im beginning to think i have a problem, and i touch a lot things before washing my hands so it probably all over the place, thanks for the info
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    Let's Keep It Clean People

    i found a couple pictures of its effects on tobacco but not marijuana, it looks very similar to a couple of my plants, so i have a couple questions for you, 1. how long did it take to effect all of your plants? 2. were there any other effects besides the yellow and brown spots, like the oldest...