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    close enough?

    Sorry about the tardiness of the reply, but life intrudes. New genetics from somebody I never heard of 6 months ago. Some traits of Indica on one phenotype and the other was a white Sativa. I had fan leaves on the white colas the size of a 50 cent piece completely covered with trics. This is...
  2. Vegas Kid

    close enough?

    cloudy but no red. I went 7o days last time and never got it.
  3. Vegas Kid

    rosin press

    Good morning all, for the rest of the month the Harbor Freight 20 ton shop press is available for $139.99 with coupon and the 3 X 5 press plate kit is on e-bay from $195 to whatever you want to spend. It seems every time I look into presses the one consistent observation is the desire for more...
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    70 Day Wrap

    Vacation time starts in a month. I’ll start growing in mid-September and avoid most of the Vegas heat. I will be around keeping up, but I’m not much of a conversationalist. The Fade The Trichs A microscope thing -- you know boys and their toys [CENTER]The Chop
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    Rose is growing

    Here is to Green Mojo for you Rose
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    Gnat Wars

    Day 60
  7. Vegas Kid

    Winter cheese

    Never closed this out, sorry about that. Last Bud shot Most of it wound up as green hash
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    Gnat Wars

    Hold a leaf up to the light or put a light on the top of the leaf and look at the underside, if you see spots that look like light freckles, that is the development of leaf necrosis. If you have the start of what looks like nute burn, and your ppm’s are low to normal, it might be bugs. Gnats...
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    Gnat Wars

    Gnat Wars I harvested the winter round and started more for the spring. Just before I flipped I noticed what I thought was a nutrient burn, turns out it was the first shot in a major PIA. Although I have used Lucas before and not seen any problems, I switched to General Hydro drain to waste...
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    Winter cheese

    I have found that it is easy to over heat the tent with the 600W. Warmth on the back of the hand is the normal guide. I usually turn the ballast down to 400W when temps push over 80F
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    New journal

    and good luck on your grow
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    Winter cheese

    Day five of flush
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    Early Christmas

    Early Christmas; the Dachshund just announced the delivery of my 160 micron bag to the entire eastside of the Vegas valley. On the last run I cured the cheese before I shook it out in a 220 bag. This one is for the white widow/silver haze under buds and close trim.
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    Cally $hit

    the Magic is behind the lens. very nice
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    Winter cheese

    The stink has set in big time and the plants are praying. Everything that appeared un-orthodox has worked out well. Hemp Goddess’s observations about Lucas veg problems saved a lot of grief and misplaced blame. I read about Lucas un-suitably in Hempy and was about to abandon the idea when I...