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    Forum etiquette

    Its a wonder some of you are able to sleep at night. Or do you?
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    seed shell still on plant

    Anyone that goes the route of manually removing the husk...the requirements for this procedure are as follows: Steady hands. Something with a fine to small pick, toothpick, needle, pin...etc. Take a minute to sterilize what you use with a quick dip of isopropyl alcohol...
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    Forum etiquette

    You ever read the 'news' forum here? As well as on several other sites...when it comes to copy/pasting one seems concerned with names and places mentioned within an article as raising a why joe q. grower/toker that doesn't mind their location being known? Smells too...
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    fox farm feeding schedule

    I'm on the side of easing nutes to the younglings... Which doesn't begin here until they are 12-14 days from their germination. Foxfarm's Big Bloom has low enough concentrations of nitrogen that nute burn is not likely. But...being as a spouting plants nutrient needs are so slight, that...
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    It is highly likely they would oversaturate...and make for a funky stew once the muck in the buckets is deprived of O2. I'd sooner plant on Uncle Sam land before a spot belonging to a business. I'm not suggesting you not risk it being discovered on a place's private land. Just saying I wouldn't.
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    Hot to vent a light with no vent hole on reflector? your own cool tube...its a simple thing to do.
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    Hot to vent a light with no vent hole on reflector?

    Sheesh...people still charge that much for those tubes? Sheesh...people still pay that much for those tubes?
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    This Bud's for You

    meh...the same goes in the reverse mr james foolsey....if hemp plants cross with MJ plants lessening their potency...then the same will happen as MJ crosses with hemp and raises it's potency. wutta bonehead. hellz, give us growers enough time and we will develop hemp resistant MJ! did...
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    security light

    just go buy the thing! the bulb is included.
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    security light

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    Senior Members

    Seems one must be of a certain status before being able to change their status. I'm digging the 'green leaf' skin though... Is there anything dark available in the future?
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    security light

    Home Depot is not spying on you....ask where the security lights are. Wiring'll want an extention cord, a ground one, that you'll be cutting the female end oof of so that you can wire white to to black...and green to green. Disable the daylight sensor by either...
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    security light

    The Lowe's 150 watt lamp is way heavy...really hot...and in general, a pain in the arse to work with. The 150 watt at home depot is decent enough...comapct...not too too hot...only needs some minor modification before putting it on a plant. I tried both out when I was needing an accent...
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    Should I?

    plan ahead :D
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    Forget Pot For Recreational Use

    Spending time in jail makes for rational thought? With Canadians like that...who needs Bush supporters here in the states?