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    My setup. how does it look?

    Run the tent for a few days without plants.....just to be sure you are not going to have any 2 cents...:) BTW....looks great....I wish I had that room! :)
  2. Warrior

    Not so new new guy don't need to veg plants to "Yield anything"......I run 12\12 From seed and do great! :) Don't buy an LED guy......go with what's proven, or veg with the LED and Flower with HPS....:) Good luck! :) If you veg till 18-24" will end up with 5 foot plants..just saying.. :)
  3. Warrior

    DIY Alternative to Hanging That Heavy Carbon Filter in Your Tent

    Or outside the tent?... you lost 25% of you tents floor space? Good luck! :)
  4. Warrior

    What are you listening to?

    And one more.......from Warrior's "best of" list....:)
  5. Warrior

    What are you listening to?

    Hamster? Eagle of Death metal? They are great! Sounds Jack White'ish? He involved?.....Here's one of my personal favorites......not bad for her first Hard Core Song? :vap-bobby_on_the_be
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    What are you listening to?

    You guys ever see this girl Meytal......Badass drummer, and hot little number....:) Filmed in Weed Country!.......B.C. Canada baby! :)
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    What are you listening to?

    Hamster nailed it.....again....and kaotic!.:) The word "Browser" made me realize I was doing wrong address? I was using the "share" on youtube...I think I know how to do from a while back on another site....shouldbe able to figure out...just got super frustrated.....Thanks ladies, and...
  8. Warrior

    My Larry OG cut full cure....

    Well that sure looks like top shelf smoke Hamster....Nice work on the OG, special cut! :) :vap-Bong_smoker:
  9. Warrior

    New England newbie

    Welcome bud88.....Do me a favor......say Chowder.....lmao :)
  10. Warrior

    Anyone know this company?

    Med man's beans are not offered at attitude.....but many other seed,($50 for 13 beans) and wicked smoke! :)
  11. Warrior

    First attempt.....suggestions?

    Like was said....if you treat a Cal/Mag diff through the will be ridiculous by the time you get a handle on it....:) Everyone understands that there is very, very little Cal/Mag in rainwater.....right? :)
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    Why you should reuse your soil, or Soil heresy by the 3LB's

    This may sound crazy...but always had a problem with firing soiless(Promix Coco/peat) mix in garbage after a plant came out of it, one time?....So I use my pro mix again too, I take out the roots, big stuff, and part is, I don't even flush it(although the 1 week flush at the end...
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    37 days into flowering

    Thanks for the laugh Kindbud! :) :ccc: EEEERRRREEEEE......:)
  14. Warrior

    So I harvested my meds

    You know what I was just thinking?.....Any weed you got was a success right? Its all about perspective....take what you have learned and make the next grow even more successful! :) Nice job! :) Oh and guys will chirp your weed, no matter what you
  15. Warrior

    Heavy marijuana use may affect dopamine response

    I really wish people would be more open you going to learn anything if you are not interested in reading or doing research yourself? What's that old saying " only an idiot thinks he knows it all" Read the info...find out who funded the study and only then make your own...