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    Why Hydro?

    I have done both. Hydro is by far cleaner. I get faster growth and larger plants. Also have a larger yield. You never know just whats in that dirt. Growth is so fast in vegg that it can get away from you if you let it. Hydro wins by a long shot for me.
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    Simple Odor Control

    i love the skunky smell. i live in the country so it smells natural
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    Anybody Interested in Sharing

    sounds like your givin up before you start. you could take a cut for a clone and cut it long enuf to reach the bottom of a net pot with hydroten, sit it in a bubblin bucket with water line at the bottom of the net pot and no nutrients. the clone will root and you can grow it out in the same...
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    Your spider mite killer?

    I see Hick is trying out his mite burner :)
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    you'll have lots of seeds but will be smokable. wont taste as good as no seeded stuff but better than nuthin. let it grow out and smoke it up. dont save any seeds cause they too will be hermies. start from scratch and smoke your hermie.
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    Me like water

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    same here, aint it awsome....:)
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    Last couple weeks, cleansing process question????

    this is so very true.
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    traggedy in the tent

    if you have to take it apart, check for bulging capacitors and replace all that are bulged. i've never worked on any electronic ballasts, but if its anything like power supplies in newer lcd tv's, this may be your problem. this too would be a fairly cheap fix, provided you know how to install...
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    Petco air pump rating

    If the pump quit, thousands of dollars of fish would not die instantly, the guy working at that time would notice it and put on a new one. They may change out several pumps thru the month, who knows. Some cheap pumps may last a few years. Of course they will use what they sell. Its just...
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    resivor temp??

    i have very white healthy roots at 64F, i think anything from 62 to 68 would be fine.
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    I tryed a Vaporizer

    I think ya'll sold me on DaBuddha. Thanks
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    Carbon Filter

    Yes, use the aquarium kind.
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    2 x 400w overkill?!?

    I use two 400w with 9 sq ft. Works just fine for me. Ive been doing that for years.
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    they say it's my birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday Puff, dont remember much about the 30's. Now that I think about it, I dont remember much about the 40's either.... :)