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    Well crap. Guess it wasn’t ready to jar.

    It depends who is doing the swallowing
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    Well crap. Guess it wasn’t ready to jar.

    Sorry - just messed up Yep - you right. No need for a pissing contest here. Coupla messages back I got my units mixed up should have said 14.7 psi Smoking weed will do that 😊 I was industrial fridge eng from '92 to 2011 (specialising in ammonia and CO² plants) . Ive dried weed with a single...
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    What is this?

    Amazing - just look how clean the soles of her shoes are!
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    Hello Everyone!

    You've got it.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Don't worry it replied to itself.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Don't be silly - you just count them You're in good hands here. But just be aware that many of the contributers have peculiar brains. I'm full retarded and enjoying not having to work Enjoy it all and remember a sense of humour really helps. 😊
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    Down the worm hole

    The lunatic magnet is real
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    Down the worm hole

    Who is superman? I've never heard of him. Cokes OK - maybe you should try diet coke. When you get old all your teeth will fall out and you won't be able to bite 😊
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    Down the worm hole

    You can hopefully make a plan. Grow your own somehow - plenty of old feckers here to help if you lay out your situation. 😊
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    First Auto harvest

    All looks good to me - but I'm un-knowledgeable and would probably smoke almost anything. I think bugs, mold, and all that stuff helps to boost your immune system. Remember - - weed can fix anything - and what it CAN'T fix, it can make you believe IS fixed.
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    I love big burps

    They live in the glass
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    Well crap. Guess it wasn’t ready to jar.

    I spent the last half of my working life as a refrigeration engineer water boils readily in a vacuum. Think that starts to happen about - 14.7microns if memory serves. Moisture boils off quicker the deeper the vacuum. Talking about a proper vacuum pump here - not an effing vacuum cleaner. In...
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    How long to flowers turn in the buds?

    I recently grew one like this. Similar size same appearance. Dunno what it was - possibly super silver haze. Sadly I rarely pay proper attention to those things. I harvested it in 4 stages took mostly upper branches first leaving most of what looked like popcorn buds. Plenty trichomes &...
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    Do you "hold it in" ?

    You could always climb inside the fridge & smoke in there. Heat would be your friend then.