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    Crappy plant with premature amber: what do!?

    I had one do that. From a real cheap seed set I bought. I dried it and saved the lose buds. It is a nice pleasant buzz when I want to go out and want to be able to function.
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    My first grow and a new must have.

    PMed you. CHEERS!
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    My first grow and a new must have.

    Using a Jewelers loop I could not see Tricombs very well as to when to harvest. Always wondered how people got such clear pictures. Went to my sisters and she had a little toy and was playing around with hers in my cell phone so when I got home I bought one. I think my plant is ready for...
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    Tent Growers Club....

    My first tent grow and only ever grew out doors once. Coming along nice. Made a few mistakes along the way. Let them grow to big in veg but added a net and they are growing sideway. Budding up nicely. Just a 2x4x5 foot tent. Three plants. We have a four plant maximum for growing in Canada...
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    too much amber or not?

    I am no expert but have heard/read 20% Amber. It will still be fine.
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    Light schedule

    18/6 here. Lights turn off at 7am till 1pm which are peek hydro hours on weekdays where we pay more money. Flowering on 12/12 my daytime is my plants night time. (7pm till 7am lights turn on) Again because hydro is cheapest at night. Three different hydro rates here on weekdays in my province...
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    Beginning of a perpetual grow

    You Temps is low of 52 and high of 93 degrees F. That is crazy. Mine never leaves the 70ies. Freezing them then baking them all within 24 hours.
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    Plant height

    Your look good and about right where they should be in 5 days or so. Don't sweat it, different strains grow at different rates. CHEERS!
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    Can't get soil Ph dialed in

    Always think of my sister, she is President of a big Horticulural Society and I asked her about PH. She grows some now that it is legal here. She said," oh people makes to big of a deal with PH, it is a ffffnnnn weed, weeds grow." LOL
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    Need any help with anything let me know. I do wire all my coils and make all my juice. Been doing it since 2011. Funny you should say that as I just pulled out my old mechanicals and some old rebuildables Kayfuns and going to try the old school stuff. It is all the same wattage as the new...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

  12. wheelie

    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    We buy liver by the case. Dehydrate it into liver jerky and my three dogs go nuts over it. Cheaper than buying bags of $10 treats. Bloodhound, Beagle and a Jack Russel. I have a house of havoc! LOL
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    Las Vegas Prepares To Become Cannabis Friendly Travel Destination

    Come to Canada. As long as you don't smoke it in front of a school, daycare or in front of kids you are good to go. LOL
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    Any Gamers out there?

    I am a gamer. I shoot 3 or 4 times everyday in my in-house range. Pellet guns and archery year round. Nothing better than waking up, grab a coffee and shoot sh*t. Wife likes it she always knows where I am. Life is good! CHEERS!
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    Best way to install an inline fan?

    I mount mine inside the tent. I have a duct fan blowing in. The prefilter on the carbon filter will clean the air going back into my inhouse pellet/archery range. Owning a HVAC company you can never have enough clean air. Don't let your house make you sick!