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    ETC - estimated time till chop?

    I would advise against spraying them with peroxide as long as they are alive, because it does quite a lot of damage to the leaves. I do use peroxide for cleaning buds after harvest. As for the PM, look into lactic acid. I was once surprised to find out that using cheap powdered milk, treated PM...
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    Can I use this method to make hash?

    It always seems to give me a body high like i have to smoke to feel a head high. Maybe i am not mixing the right type of weed i mostly did shake and sugar leaf maybe this is why it's knocking me down? lol
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    flashlight use

    i guess that a full green light specially made for this would not hurt them but i hate to have to try it on my grow :D
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    Can I use this method to make hash?

    i never tried capsules, so is it like filled with rso? does it also make you sleep?
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    Can I use this method to make hash?

    i just looked and the filter bag that comes with the magical butter machine is 190 micron. I guess thats good to use?
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    Can I use this method to make hash?

    great info i will look into that.
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    Can I use this method to make hash?

    this is like bubble bags. what is this white screen curtain used for? other than online, i don't know where i can look for them
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    Can I use this method to make hash?

    Hi CG! I have been doing this for a while, i started participating at mj forums 22 or more years ago before i even grew a plant. Where i am we were still on dial up slow connection. Looking back now this is so much like how i am, i read research think and plan 10 hours to work 1 hour. It might...
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    2017 was the year of the big pests

    Spinosad is quite effective ime
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    Can I use this method to make hash?

    I drop by more often that once in a while :D i'm often silent just checking out what's going on. Good to see you
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    Can I use this method to make hash?

    Hi RMB it's basically because where i am 2020 was especially cursed and we had a hard economic meltdown and all foreign transfers are impossible and i don't have amazon access, im not in us or eu so i have to work with what i have for now. Bubble bags are definitely on my list at the first...
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    Couple pics of outdoor autos

    Very nice first grow, congrats!
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    Begginer setup question(s)?

    For 250g/ month i would say 2x600w HPS or its equvalent in LED for 4x6' to 4x8'. Some strains produce more than others, much more in fact but it would be on the expense of quality.personally i look more for quality and i find myself harvesting in the 0.5-0.75 g/w range under hps but i have...
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    Bud washing

    i often use the peroxide method. I don't like to use juice and soda since i don't want their residue on my buds. I do it similar to this video by George Cervantes . if i feel that their flowering period was free of dusty days, i just shower them with a hose. After I tried it and saw how much...
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    First grow

    it is probably because of the conditions surrounding the grow, like soil, feeding environment, venting ... However you could try something not auto next time, imo you have better chances with those.