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    delete this , srry
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    Skunk69 update

    this is almost 2 weeks into flowering , 280watts of HPS , botaincare ProBloom nutes , Strain is Skunk ^(
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    almost 2 weeks into flowering , using Botanicare ProBloom nutes and 280 watts HPS , strain is Skunk 69
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    Im just wondering when i will start to see bud formation on my skunk69 . its one week into flowering today and the plant has preflowers just no actuall buds forming. my last plant matured much faster but im sure there is nothing to worry about. there are no light leaks and there getting 12/12...
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    Exile's Personal

    this is my skunk69 plant that is 1 day into flowering and is about 15'' and has around 20-30 shoots!! very bushy plant:D im very impressed , the plant is under 4 70watt HPS lights i vegged it from seed for 8 weeks on 18/6 , started it with cfls;)
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    Right of the plant?

    keep reading , and watch atleast 2-3 grow videos and plan ur stuff out
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    depends what voltage u get they come wired for either 110v or 220v , 110 is the standard 3 prong house plug and 220 is a thicker wire and requires less amps to run the ballast , if ur getting a single 400 or 600 get it in 110v i would say unless u are a electrican and can wire 220v if u were...
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    Week 3 Day 6 Bloom. 5000 Watts.

    how much extra it cost to run 5000watts?
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    My first grow...

    go to wallmart or any hardware store and get some CFL'S they will key alot considering they put out anywhere from 1000 -2600 lumens each depending on wattage look for 42 watters ,
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    Skunk 69

    this is my skunk 69 just over a month old now , shes getting nice and bushy:D skunk 69 is said to be skunk#1 X skunk#1 , i kno it doesnt sound right but thats what it is . there said to be feminized:) ill keep ya up to date with my grow as it progresses.
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    My first grow...

    if you can get any CFL's the sprialy ones , rig them up to they will help alot ,
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    My first grow...

    get that flouro closer man like a 2-4 inches or there gonna strech!!! as long as ur temps r fine and u have a fan u should be able to get that light real close.
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    Fluorescent vs. HPS yield amount?

    High Pressure Sodium is in the red spectrum and puts out alot more Lumens per watt then flouros, if u were to flower with the 400watt Hps ur yeild would be alot more ,
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    Ok my plant will be reaching 2 months veg from seed on april 9th and im wondering why my shoots are not extending out like they normally do or is that because its a sativa strain? i topped it and it turned into 2 main shoots , which im happy with, now my last plant i grew , when it reached 2...
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    Hows She Lookin?

    hey im just posting some pics of my Skunk 69 mother that is 28 days old from sprout and seems to be doing great in the last week, I have 3 26 watt Cfls, 1 ,20watt grolux tube and another 13 watt cfl that is doing the job nicley. :D
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    When to Harvest.. WITHOUT magnification!!

    my last harvest i let go for 8 weeks and the hairs were at about 60 percent red and it turned out amazing , go to 8 weeks and post a pic!
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    ok so my plant is about a month and a half old from seed and is under a 100watt Mh and is sitting @ about 20 inches. I cut the main shoot of about 36 hours ago , since it seemed like it wanted to keep streching towards the light, i should have topped it along time ago to make it bushier but will...
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    Whats going on???

    yeah its def overwatered on my part the soil is very wet still . what can i do i have my fan on but i dont kno what else , when it drys out will it go back and continue growing again since its almost completey stopped and im wondering if its going to die on me
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    Whats going on???

    my leaves are really droopy and there somewhat folding in , i gave them 1/4 strength Plant food 10-52-10 the other day and they seemed fine , i transplanted them from 4'' pots to 8'' pots on tuesday , could they be in shock? also i went from 24/0 to 18/6 lastnight , should i just wait it out and...
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    Seed sites

    Toronto420seedbank is where i got mine from and i got some Skunk69 feminized and we will see if they come out female.! make a nice mother out of one of them