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  1. SquidyPacheco

    Why cant i post

    Thanks Grower ... figured now its working... thanks again Aloha
  2. SquidyPacheco

    Why cant i post

    yeah it is it will let me log on and its only on my grow journal this happening on
  3. SquidyPacheco

    Why cant i post

    :( I liked this pond.... hops of into the sunset..
  4. SquidyPacheco

    Why cant i post

    I been trying to upload pics and post on my thread everytime I do it says I need to register ... anyone know whats up with that?? Thanks Squidy
  5. SquidyPacheco

    Sopappy's grow

  6. SquidyPacheco

    Stanks sativa flowering grow log

    what THG said... you could also always give a few to a friend you have that has the space and needs help with strain... imo better to over crowded then under crowded.. I missed what Sativas you are growing?? looks great Grow It Forward Squid
  7. SquidyPacheco

    Rosebud's 2014 new beginning

    Aloha Rose All your plants look amazing as usuall, im interested in watching the led and how it preforms from start to finish... have you budded under led before?? and what strains are under the led?? Squid
  8. SquidyPacheco

    Alien Band Grow 2015

    I've never gotten to try any Alien gear, all the Alein grows I did see looked amazing... sorry to hear about your germ rate, .. hope you don't mind if I pull up a chair ... Aloha Squid
  9. SquidyPacheco

    Big changes for the 2015 od grow

    Aloha ston, everything looks great, I used to run herijuana a few years back, I loved that plant and the yields it put out.... just wanted to stop in and say aloha , will be watching this one.. Squid
  10. SquidyPacheco

    Aloha MP..

    Pua- Aloha Nui Loa Tita, I fo sure will be shooting you a pm.. Hope all is good with you and your Ohana, and that your Paka is flowing like milk..:) Plenti Aloha Squidy pcduck- thanks, nice to see you are still around... on the growing part yep I am still growing, been doing clones...
  11. SquidyPacheco

    Aloha MP..

    Hello Rose ty for the warm welcome... Aloha Orange good to see you.. Hey DrFang thanks for the welcome Ston- Aloha My Brudda good to see you NEwguy- Aloha
  12. SquidyPacheco

    Aloha MP..

    Thanks WeedHopper hope all is good with you.. Aloha
  13. SquidyPacheco

    Aloha MP..

    :banana: back... I will be lurking and reading, Feel free to stop by the cave and talk story... To the growers that are holding it down still on this site, Mad Props to you all and thank you for all the information you have shared with me.. anyways I will be back around and starting a new thread...
  14. SquidyPacheco

    Drfting's 2013 Organic Outdoor Grow Show

    Drifting :ciao:good to see ya going full steam ahead. everyone loves a good affy :icon_smile: .. I recently pollen chucked a Afghani wos f3 male to my Blue Dream cut,, I thought if BD had a hashy tone in it how more super yummy it could be.. not that a killer properly grown and cured BD isnt...
  15. SquidyPacheco

    Bay 11, Gigabud, and mystery sativa grow

    yummm GDP Happy growing :ciao:
  16. SquidyPacheco

    Powdery Mildew issue

    sulphur burn as long as you are not over a week into flower.. other then that Eagle20 in veg.. :ciao:
  17. SquidyPacheco

    New room & Grow

    Nice set up and good choice of strains. Im growing both BD and Satori unless you get the short Satori pheno they do grow at the same time great. the speed and height/stretch of both strains are pretty even..Both taKe to training well.. for me Blue Dream yields better.. and is best when taken...
  18. SquidyPacheco

    bubblicious, my first attempt

    Stellar haul... Happy Smokin :48:
  19. SquidyPacheco

    my first grow

    congrats on your first grow... you have come the right place to ask questions.. you already have a bunch of great growers helping ya.. Aloha Squidy :ciao:
  20. SquidyPacheco

    This is what's growing on.

    its looks like its going to be a good yielder.. Pink Mamma dad x ??mom=nurse larry???