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    AeroPonics Question

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    SPider Mites Late into flowering PLEASE HELP!!

    would Azatrol damage bud quality or taste? i can use it with 2 weeks and less to go? thank u for all of ur answers
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    SPider Mites Late into flowering PLEASE HELP!!

    will iso alcohol damage buds or the flavor? that doesnt seem like a good idea to spray alcohol on them but i could be wrong. wouldnt water wash away some thc or something? if not thanks for the advice. im also going to get lady bugs
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    Low Stress Training, High Stress Training

    u can put an air stone in the bottom of a clothes bin and fill it with water and nuts ph it make sure everything is good and put the lid on cut a whole for the plants roots to hang into the water/ nutrient solution then get a tray or a cup with clay rocks so the plant holds tight and roots are...
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    SPider Mites Late into flowering PLEASE HELP!!

    im on week 7 of flowering and have 2 more weeks to go my colas are looking great but i went into my grow room and found spider mites on a lot of my plants!!!! what can i do? i wipped the webs of and didnt spray with anything i was going to un hook my c02 tank and open it up around the plants...
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    metal hallide vs hps

    i was wondering if i should veg with metal hallide lights and then flowering with hps. i usually veg and flower with a hps light changing from 400 -600-1000 watt as the plant gets bigger. is there anything beneficial to using metal ahllide for vegging?
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    i was wondering if anyone knew what the real story with flushing was? I know everyone says use only water the last week or two to get out all the chemicals so your finished product isnt "chemmy" but then again ive heard that most nutrients no adays dont have as much sodium as they used to have...
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    Soil Mixture Question

    So im going to do a soil grow i was curious as to how this would work. my partner wants to use to use coconut shavings, worm castings, perlite vermiculite and thats all he said his friend used it and had great results weve always mixed worm casting in with our regular soil. I also have a...
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    aerocloner to soil transfer? suggestions please

    ok so i want to get a soil room going but all my clones that i cut are in an aerocloner, how will it affect the plants when i put them in soil, they dont have rockwell around them but theyre roots are HUGE so i dont know if its necessary. but i know transfering them to soil will stress them i...
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    3 Leaf flower help appreciated

    A friend of mine just gave me a 3 leafed mother plant 3 weeks ago i havent been able to get her to produce any 5 leaved new growth. i was wondering what shes lacking. shes in a 5 gallon bucket she was under a mh but i moved her to a hps bc i feel the 1000 watts help her grow more. anyway if...
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    Nutriant recomendations.

    dont go ebb and flow :( bucket systems are the bomb. anyway id say advanced nutrients especially with that new connoseir. ive used the house and garden and it worked great but the advanced complete line is just impressive i keep the ppms lower then they reccomend too the house and garden root...
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    meter question

    that meter looks good and its cheap too. i use the ppm ph and temp meter that hannah offers its blue
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    Flushing before harvest??

    try using un sulphured black strap mallaus one tablespoon per gallon i dont think thats how you spell it but anyway. i wouldnt even flush so much usually the "chemmy" tasting herb is from high sodium levels or curing improperly. most of todays nutrient lines have very low levels of sodium...
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    Isopropyl Alcohol

    Yea with the butane hash u use the alcohol after u filter the oil and cook off the butane to purify it even more
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    AeroPonics Question

    kade i private messaged you. yea i didnt think u could get root rot in an aero system i actually started to argue with him about how you shouldnt get root rot in any hydro system
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    Flowering time? Need advice

    u decide whenever you want the plant to flower remeber depending on how long your vegged the plant for it could double in size once you put it into flowering
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    i got 3 leaves..

    3 leaves means a difficency of some kind. whether it effects the plant is still debatable. but i wouldnt worry about it i have some plants with 13 leaves on one side and 7 on another. trainwrecks are crazy :) anyway i wouldnt worry about most likely the plant will grow out of it. i have a mother...
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    Isopropyl Alcohol

    u can also use a hot plate and make sure the temp doesnt get to high. its really a simple process to making the oil
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    Durban Poison x Cindy99

    she does look tasty
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    Mite problem late into flowering HELP

    thanks a lot you guys. have u heard anything of filling a one gallon jug with like 3 pills or aspirin then shaking it up and spraying the leaves and plant pre flowering stage? supposedly the mites wont eat the leaves and theyll stay away from the plants?