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  1. flaboy88

    first semi big grow

    o and do you guys think a 456 cfm with a carbon filter will b good enough to keep temps down, cuz i kno the carbon filter u can lose up to 25% cfm's on the fan.. so with my space bein 22.5 sq ft i kno it will change air 2wice a min but what kinda temps do u think i mite b lookin at.. i also have...
  2. flaboy88

    first semi big grow

    hey guys.. so i told you i would get a lil lazy bout posting pics.. but im back and the babies are doin great..lost 1 due to it not takin root well.. but i still got 12.. they are all about 3 weeks.. jus started some LST today on 6 of the 12.. havent given nutes yet.. in FFOF under 1k Mh for 12...
  3. flaboy88

    just three plants

  4. flaboy88

    Light Leaks???

    the moon light that is bein given off is light reflection.. its light from the sun that bounces off the moon and then we see it.. but im almost certain its not enough to hermie your plants so you shouldnt worry about that..and no1 wants hermies and seeds.. seeds are dead weight that wont b used...
  5. flaboy88

    I've got a crazy plant, should I keep it?

    interesting post.. well hopefully its not a male cuz if its female im thinkin mayb 1 extra bud spot possibly?? who knows.. thanks again hick
  6. flaboy88

    The best music for your strain is?

    lil wayne is my favorite.. his mixtapes are great
  7. flaboy88

    I've got a crazy plant, should I keep it?

    ya looks like that.. i have seen the plant and i too found it quite awesome to look at cuz i have never seen it.. thanks man
  8. flaboy88

    sprouted, then died ?

    i germ mine in pete moss.. and jus soak the peat moss when it dries.. i had 13 of 13 pop on the grow im on now:)
  9. flaboy88

    I've got a crazy plant, should I keep it?

    your roomate is an epic fail.. i heard he found our present to him.. we need pics man..
  10. flaboy88


    i agree wit zem... its not how many plants.. its your lighting.. you wont pull from the plant (in grams) more than the number of watts you run..for instance.. 1k=1000g's but thats if your gettin a 1 to 1 ratio.. its not that easy to obtain it.. and i agree wit jericho that you would need 3 1k...
  11. flaboy88


    sometimes i like to get sooooo high till i see like super super high=]
  12. flaboy88

    how to get up close pics of trics

    radio shack.. 30x microscope atleast.. but they are pretty cheap and nice for the job
  13. flaboy88

    my first born!

    :holysheep: :shocked: :guitar: :headbang2: :yay: :banana: :aok:
  14. flaboy88

    Have another question....

    copy and paste the link in wit your response
  15. flaboy88

    Have another question....

    how big is your grow space?
  16. flaboy88

    first grow.. all assistance is much welcome :)

    hey hows it goin..8 weeks and still no alternating nodes.. thats strange.. i usually get mine by the 5th or 6th week.. i sure hope you have enough height in your grow space cuz those babies are gonna double if not triple in size on you once you flower.. so i would b stressing them if i were...
  17. flaboy88

    Have another question....

    hey there devildog.. i too have used mg plant food.. 1/4 of a cup is a bit much.. i would say start out at 1/4 to 1/3 tablespoon to a gallon and work from there.. i dont use it much anymore except for when i get yellowing leaves cuz it has such a high concentration of nitrogen but thats in worst...
  18. flaboy88

    the appreciative lurker...

    ya.. def go with the 1k.. it def puts out some heat but as long as you got a good cfm fan changin the air out the room atleast once every 3-5 min then your good.. me personally i like to change the air out as much as possible (about 3-4 times a min) but again better to b safe then srry.. happy...
  19. flaboy88

    tryin somethin diff.

    thanks fellowsped.. ya, i did this and have been checkin up on it but nothin yet.. i was thinkin mayb i jus cut way too far down but i was told to leave the bottom 15-20%..jus first time doin this method and i aint tryin to screw it up.. thanks again man.. ill see if i cant post a pic later...
  20. flaboy88

    tryin somethin diff.

    so about 2 days ago i tried to FIM 1 of my babies.. i still have yet to see growth really from it.. should i have seen growth already? and can u FIM it too low to where it will do permanent damage?