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  1. gourmet

    Aurora from Nirvana

    Okay so after growing this crop that appeared to give no high whatsoever, and then growing Eight Miles High and that crop appearing to give no high whatsoever (so I threw it out), it dawned on me that two bad crops in a row was unlikely. So I started researching and found out that the Abilify...
  2. gourmet

    Total Couch Lock Search

    My Aurora Indica had great quantity but no high. Won't be trying it again.
  3. gourmet

    Justices: Do drug-sniffing dogs pass smell test?

    Which side was this guy arguing again (lol).
  4. gourmet


    Best wishes for everyone on the Eastern Seaboard.
  5. gourmet

    Few Questions on Ordering and Seed Types (I know another question :p)

    Even if there were U.S. seed banks, I would not order online from them as they are subject to search warrants so shipping information etc. could be discoverable.
  6. gourmet

    Grow Light Options Discussion

    T5's don't fit in my tent well, so I go with MH and HPS. I only have one tent for both vegging and flowering (auto correct changes vegging into begging which is what I am doing for more room to grow.)
  7. gourmet

    Dr is in the house

    Looking forward to the pics.
  8. gourmet

    The ABC's of Marijuana Passion - Off-topic game

    Z is for Zig Zag rolling papers
  9. gourmet

    green seeds, Nivarna

    I ordered a number of different strains from Nirvana and they were all great except the Aurora Indica. Also, there was a problem with the web site when I placed my order so my order was "stuck" in the system. They sent the seeds twice. I am happy with Nirvana and find them very responsive.
  10. gourmet

    Ph tester

    I have one and I had to recalibrate every time. I dumped it and got a different one.
  11. gourmet

    Heat problem

    I pull the ac in through the vent on the bottom of the tent, left side and pull out the hot air with a cfm fan on the top right side. That seems to suck the hot air out and pulls the cool air up through the plants.
  12. gourmet

    I'm 61

    Way to make sales...insulting your potential market, from a 61 year old.
  13. gourmet

    Eight Miles High A Growing Journal

    Week 4, another 5 to 8 to go. It gives a 9 week flower cycle, but this is clearly saliva dominant, so I am thinking it might go longer. I can no longer get pics of the entire plant unless I drag them into the kitchen, so I took pics of how the buds are progressing.
  14. gourmet

    Ultra Reveg

    If I like this smoke, I will try revegging my Eight Miles High, following your directions.
  15. gourmet

    How do you feel about medical marijuana?

    It's a huge bureaucracy with thousands of jobs, lots of power and tons of resources. Bureaucracies are self perpetuating.
  16. gourmet

    I'm looking to go to a 2 part Grow and Bloom Organic Nute regimen...

    Old SSSC Guy, do you also use other FF nutes or do you just use the GroBig and BigBloo and Tiger Bloom. Those are the only three that I use except for adding calmag. I was thinking about getting a couple of their other nutes to supplement. Frankly, I think the only issue I have with nutes...
  17. gourmet

    Eight Miles High A Growing Journal

    That is the lighting...sorry, not much space. There are a couple of buds burned on another plant that I removed.
  18. gourmet

    DarkHorse007's First Real Grow

    I'll be watching especially for the Papaya as that will be my next grow.
  19. gourmet

    Eight Miles High A Growing Journal

    I think you are right JAAM, that I need better nutrients. Looks like they are starting to lack in nitrogen too early in is only week 3 of allegedly 8 to 9 week flower. I don't want to add more nitrogen the third week of flower either, so I guess we'll just see how it goes.
  20. gourmet

    In case you haven't already heard it...(with caution)

    Your caution was a good idea.