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  1. thugluv420

    just another new guy saying hi

    I love Oregon its so green and pretty. And love bein a medical marijuana patient. It's better then pills......Thank you Oregon I fineally got pics up
  2. thugluv420

    Old Hippie's Outdoor Monsters 08

    i love you the girls are gorgeoues
  3. thugluv420

    Manicuring while wet

    Good evening all my 420 friends Ive also found it easier to trim it wet.Keep up the good info...........BLAZIN IN THE SUN...... And it came to pass upon holy cozmos in the cremation of the righteous herbs...AMEN.........
  4. thugluv420

    Old Hippie's Outdoor Monsters 08

    And it came to pass upon holy cozmos in the cremation of the righteous herbs.Just want you to know that I love you. Your pictures just changed my life.I grew for the first time outside this year and holy molly. They look just like yours. My biggest one is 9feet tall and spears from hell I would...
  5. thugluv420

    Old Hippie's Outdoor Monsters 08

    Now that's what im talking about those girls are beautiful, thats what my garden looks like now will they survive all the way tell harvest outside? the weather is starting to get cold here in Oregon. They are already in the buddin process.
  6. thugluv420

    how to harvest..growmasters...i need your wisdom

    :bong:Hello there 420 friend I'll give you some advise that I do when I dry my plants. I hang them upside down in a dark room with air cond. running for about 4 days misting them with water.Then curring them in an air tight container. Smokes real smooth.And taste sweet.:bongin:Keep on...
  7. thugluv420

    What else has everyone got growing?

    This is such a beautiful way of life.God's righteous herbs. And it came to pass upon holy cosmos in the cremation of the righteous herbs. Amen.........I figured out my plant problem and my plants are gorgeous.There about 6ft tall green fluffy and buddin.Put them outside mother nature took...
  8. thugluv420

    Too Cold? Outdoors?

    I have plants outside that are in the buddin andthe cold weather is sittin in will my plants finish the buddin.?
  9. thugluv420

    Miracle-Gro Organic Choice

    can you explain the best way to feed my still learning and the best way to do organic growing for medicinal perposes...
  10. thugluv420

    Miracle-Gro Organic Choice

    im a newbie starting out and need info on what soil to use/ thanks for all the friendly help.420always to the head........
  11. thugluv420

    Will a male plant get you high?

    my male plants are smoked until the females are done and it's just as good as the female's. there's no buds but the leaves are good enough to roll and smoke.ive had no complaints.taste,looks,and smokes good.
  12. thugluv420

    The top leaves are yellow and curled.

    my plants are four feet and in budding. the leaves started burning over night in the dark cycle and turning yellow ive been flushing them out and there coming back im very happy will get pics going soon. thanks for everybody's help you all are awsome.thugluv420 movin on to higher life.
  13. thugluv420

    Leaves are yellow and curled UP

    :cool: thanks so much for the info. would a plant pop back if it got to much fert and started to burn then was flushed. could it survive?
  14. thugluv420

    Leaves are yellow and curled UP

    :ciao: hello there my name is thugluv420 and im very new to the cyber world . thanks for all the info it's all very helpful. :48:always 420 freindly
  15. thugluv420

    Leaves are yellow and curled UP

    first time grower needing advise,whats the best soil and nutr. for the plants?
  16. thugluv420

    Needing Help

    having plants turn yellow,leaves look like there burning,not close to lights.what could be the problem and will the come back.Would flushing help?plants are four feet and into budding under 1000wattHps.please send info
  17. thugluv420

    Needing Help

    thanks for everyones input keep them coming it realy helps.Sincerly thugluv420 always.
  18. thugluv420

    Needing Help

    I have 1000watt high pressure sodium lights not closs to the plants at all.plants are in budding probably 2 1/2 months old.just started budding two weeks ago.I use blackgold soil.alaskin fishfert. alaskin more bloom for budding. I water about every two or three days.plants are about four feet...
  19. thugluv420

    Needing Help

    :hairpull: Have big beautiful plants turning yellow and looking like the ends of the leaves are burning.what could be going on? please help.thugluv420 First time grower.:holysheep:plants are under1000watt Hps not close to plants. stand four feet and into budding will they make it?
  20. thugluv420

    Getting stressed out

    :holysheep: i need information on growing am having plant problems and don't know what's going on.:eek: I realy need a friend indeed.:cool:[/EMAIL] Edited by Smokinmom- please don't give out personal info, including email addys. Thanks.