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    Auto Flower....back at it.

    I noticed there's not very many nodes/leads or limbs on the flowering plant..Is that the strain or did u intend for it to have so little bud sites?..
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    Auto Flower....back at it.

    Ak-47 week 5 using advanced nuts micro,grow,bloom..also calmag..
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    What defeciency is this?

    I noticed in your nutrients regimen you don't have calmag listed...
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    plant height

    I have two of the exact same plant which are AK-47.. growing under the same light in the same soil with the same nutrients in different pots of course.. and they are autoflower.. so I was checking on them and realize that one has hit the flower growth spurt and the other one has not help will be...
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    Where is the giggle weed?

    That's because everybody's trying to outdo each other by creating the strongest pot ever and people's tolerance have just gotten so high with it that's what they're used to by now but honestly I control my own fate I control my own smoking destination if you know what I'm saying and I like to...
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    Mystery fan leaf

    Yes this Leaf came off of a lowrider Autoflower basically in flower about oxa the fourth or fifth week in flour and this is what I pulled off it to show exactly what I was talking about and ask if anybody's ever seen a fan Leaf like this before
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    Can a.c anybody tell me what exactly kind of family this is and it's background it's growing off of Autoflower lowrider
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    From the top...
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    What are symptoms?
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    3 weks in flower...
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    Yes they are very someone took a yellow pen and started to put little dots on leaves...the plant is growing good and smells great and is really sticky....i will look under leaves right now
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    I stopped giving nitrogen before flower...i flushed the plant on oct 31st just in case of any type of nut overload or lock out...only thing i have gave it is unsulphered molasis and rain water...
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    Autos as strong as indicas?

    Im growing autos far i like what i see..and
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    Ive tried everything

    Little tiny yellow dots..
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    Little tiny yellow dots..
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    Brown and yellow nightmare

    Its only on 2 of the lower fan leaves..nothing on new growth and nothing on my other plant right nxt to it...the 1 on the right is waaay taller also...i believe i am using the same nuts on both plants...i will have to check my notes
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    Brown and yellow nightmare

    Autoflower in soil 5 week veg and this is on fan leaves..Been giving advanced nuts micro grow and rain water so if anybody could help i would greatly appreciate in soil with perlite allready mixed...Not Miracle Grow...
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    I checked the chart but. Whats wrong with my plants.

    Srry to just jump right in but i have 2 autos growing in soil and 1 of them has a couple fan leaves that look like this..any help would be great...