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  1. prefersativa

    White Widow

    Nutes are not likely to be the problem, if there is one. I use all organic soil, very similar to mixes used by many other folks here. While not expecting plants as photogenic as those depicted by the breeders, I was hoping for more eye appeal. We'll see how she smokes. In the end, that's what...
  2. prefersativa

    White Widow

    Earlier this year, White Widow from Dutch Passion? was one of the freebies Attitude sent out. So a few months ago, I decided to pop the one I had. She is now about 50 days into flower, large and vigorous. But she doesn't seem to be frosting up as expected. I went to various breeder sites, and...
  3. prefersativa

    My cat eats the leaves

    My cat used to have an irritable bowel, about once a week his **** would have blood in it. The vet cost me big bucks, but couldn't seem to settle his colon down. Now that he gets a few leaves per week, no more blood in the cat ****. Coincidence? Maybe, I dunno.
  4. prefersativa

    Hamster Lewis' "Next stop Dankville" Journal

    If you don't hurry to harvest, Satori is most excellent weed. IME plan on 70- 80 days of flower. Well worth the time and effort.
  5. prefersativa

    My cat eats the leaves

    My cat will eat any pot leaf that he can find. My dog, not so much. It does seem to help the cat's digestion.
  6. prefersativa

    Back to where I was 5 years ago: Aurora failure

    Several months ago, I purchased some Williams Wonder from Reeferman via Attitude. 0 of 10 popped. Doubt that it was technique, as all 10 of Agent Orange are presently doing quite well. Purchased in the same order, I should add.
  7. prefersativa

    Happy Birthday SmokinMom

    Happy Birthday, Smokinmom. I hope that you got everything you wanted
  8. prefersativa

    Weed Road Trip!

    Why not try to raise money for NormL? Just a thought.
  9. prefersativa

    White House Response to Petition to Legalize Marijuana

    Guess I'm just lucky. In 40 years of smoking weed, I've never od'd, or been hospitalized for over consumption. Never known anyone else to, either.
  10. prefersativa

    Safe to ship MJ? Nope....

    Please do, Spearchucker. I'm a Looooong time Skins fan, born there in fact. Send some to the back up QB as well. Please.
  11. prefersativa

    Kinda scary these times

    See user name:hubba: As someone who was born in D.C., and lived most of my life within 100 miles of there, I'm pretty political. But do try not to express such opinions here. However, we need to cut spending now. From what I read, we have accumulated more debt since 01/20/09 than in the 200...
  12. prefersativa

    Seed order placed, opinions on strains please

    I have grown Beyond the Brain, and love it. Just be prepared for around 100-115 days of 12/12. It was a good producer, but a slow starter. And it is an excellent smoke, friends say it's like old time creeper weed. I'll grow it out again when my stash is low.
  13. prefersativa

    Registered mail?

    Still safe and sound here. Guess maybe I got myself all worked up over nothing.
  14. prefersativa

    Registered mail?

    Thanks, Hammie. My thoughts are that the postman decided it needed to be signed for, he's a nice enough guy. But, no need to take any risks. I didn't need these beans right now. If it matters, TGA's Agent Orange and Reeferman's Williams Wonder will be showing up around here in a month, give or take.
  15. prefersativa

    Registered mail?

    Ok, to clear up any confusion. I scrawled what could be construed as a signature on the postal notice, and sent my brother to pick it up. He did NOT have to sign for it. The signature on the postal notice is completely illedgible, and nothing remotely close to my normal sig. The package has a...
  16. prefersativa

    Registered mail?

    Has my tracking # on the notice. Nope, no problems in the past. Can't think of anything else relevant. Sent my brother, required my sig in order for him to pick up. Sig totally illedgible. This order will not come home with me for quite a while.
  17. prefersativa

    Registered mail?

    In another thread (since closed), I mentioned that my most recent order fron Attitude arrived as Registered mail. Because I am a cautious guy, an email was sent to Attitude asking if they sent it registered. They say they did not, but to pick it up anyway. Needless to say, I'm a little...
  18. prefersativa

    Caution needed for attitude bust link

    This is a timely subject. I have placed ALL of my past seed orders at the Tude, with 0 problems. On the 4th of July, I placed another. Asked for the guaranteed shipping and stealth. Today I found notice in the mailbox that I have "registered mail" to be picked up in person. I didn't request...
  19. prefersativa


    Thanks everyone for your input. I'll keep looking for beans, but may have to try something else until they are available. I'd be very interested in a cut or seeds from Dos. In the meantime, maybe Agent Orange? From TGA.
  20. prefersativa


    I've had my heart set on getting some Cindy beans. It seems like every time I get ready to order some, everyone is out of stock. If anyone knows of a good Cindy that is presently available, please tell me. And thanks for your help.