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    you would think collecting folks names would be easy,well it's not.a sad thing is it's fear of what leo will do later.i tell the people you either stand up for what you believe in or get stomped on and locked up.:eek: we in my little state must not fear leo or else we lose.folke we are names...
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    im better and thanks.i just waiting for winter to go away.gonna try a few fems ,just this once and hope for the best.
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    not been here for a while.been very sick.just wanted to say hello all n gd mo jo:)
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    Paris Hilton?

    i would tell her a joke to make her laugh her tits off .....:hubba: but i can tell she already knows the joke:p ;) i can handle anything but temptation:fid:
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    Your "Damn, That Made My Heart Race" Story

    two of my friends were driving several hounderd miles to a great outside concert in iowa.well to make it short we hid our smoke in the beer cooler under the ioce nbeer.we got pulled over by iowa st po. n he was a very nice po.we at the time were not old enough to have beer so he let us go...
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    Isopropyl Alcohol

    91%works just as well,just slower evaporation time+no fire hazard if used another way+fewer chemicals:D but this a fast and easy method:hubba: i can handle anything but temptation
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    90 day + still testing positive

    i was using two kinds of d tox i just dont remember the names now:joint: it was a scary time for me.thank god i never got p tested while on probation the first three months.:rolleyes: i did have to go in and blow for i was on probation for a drinking n driving charge:eek: now...
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    90 day + still testing positive

    i tested dirty for 92 days before i was clean.i was smoking every day all day.i was on probatiopn and was not tested before i was on i lived in fear of test till i was clean.:eek: im 6ft 2 in 248lbs i can handle anything but temptation:bong:
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    High or Hallucination or Both

    no triping at all.i use to take a center card board roll out of toilet paper,sit it on end on glass plate turn out lights and light it on fire,the colors r real neat.when it burns all the way down it will have a final fire ball come out of the ash card board.:joint4: fire just flickers and...
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    Smoking Everything

    when i was a young man i was in a county jail.well the older guys said that tooth paste would get you high if smoked on a cigarett......:joint: of all the crap i ever smoked this was a real dud.:eek: kinda funny now i just know the older guys were laughing out loud.we did not get high on tooth...
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    congrats man:D yes you and the little lady will have time now....lots a time lol:joint: i really miss my boys:( we use to fish and hunt and both wetre great in high school one a brick layer and one a acountant.i find wife and myself lean on each other for support and we luv our sons...
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    My story on testing (long)

    :eek: if you are a big person it will take longer to get clean.there is a shampoo on the market that is supose to let u pass test.if you were a chronic smoker it will take longer to get took me 3 months one time to get test clean.i was on probation for a alcohol related crime and could...
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    Finding Green in a New City?

    i will go to a club or gig.if i have a hooter i'll share and hope it will turn up a new just have to watch who you share with.:p where i am l;ocated the leo will sell to you .....then nab you as you drive off:eek: jst be very carefull.:stoned: i can...
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    is it safe?!!seeds

    i got 5 orders just fine from the doc.the 6th order arived two packages stapeld together,with note from homeland security saying that they helped them selves to my meds.:stoned: i have noticed if your order lays around chicago to long it will be taken.dont order any time a holiday is...
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    Question about the Doc

    the good doc is still doing good:bump: i have had wonderfull luck with the doc.125 beans 93%germ rate not sure about sex yet.i do know the doc is good to deal with and will take care of you.just to let you know.:D i can handle anything but temptation:cool:
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    Check out what my girl got for me today.

    iv been married 31 years and never got any thing that pretty ever.:mad: i use to stop by pub every night after work,it always made her mad as all get out.she just could not figuer want me home for supper all you have to do is set table with knife,fork,spoon and nug.:D i would never be...
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    420! 'tis the season to be stoned

    i gonna do like the riz gonna be happy 4 20 for me.:guitar: i was out,notta,zero,frea in my heart out:( well friend just came by and said happy 4 20 gave me a holiday gift.:D how cool,i im a happy was the 4 20 bunny:cool: well enough a big happy 4 20 to all.i hope it will be as good...
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    i not gonna kid any one so here the winter of 02 i had car accident......dwi.i lost left leg aboove knee.i have had 4 heart attacks,and sleep is just out of the question.if you are a ampute then you know about phantom pain.mine WAS very severe,this is why no for my heart any...
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    Sad Day For Virginia And This Country

    yes it is a sad day in america.i hear on the news that a professor had warned school about this scum bag,and they wonder why someone wants to have a gun.if right to cary did exhist would it help?hell no.only thing is just maybe fewer dead people.sorry for virginia and america.remember...
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    4/20 Coming up...whats your plans?

    PLANTING.......nuf said:D