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    How many plants...?

    Well I have grown outside for a few years now and I know how much work it is to grow good bud. A lot! For 1,000 plants, I would guess, you would need a crew of people to help you grow it and protect it. Think about how long it would take to trim a 1,000 plants!
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    Help with identifying

    Just a point of interest on the Northern Light subject. Northern Light #5 seems to be the most popular of the different Northern Light stains. I was told by a reputable grower, on another site, that he had some of his Northern Light #1 tested for strength. He informed me that he had his...
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    Dayton Ohio here

    Loobie, hello and welcome. I use the herb for medicine and have a Canadian Government Authorization to grow and use marijuana. I also grow for a MS patient and she tells me that nothing seems to work for her as well as the herb. My feelings, in regards to growing, is that if you are using...
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    have you ever tried water cure

    I have done several water cures. I am new to this site and I don't want to come off as a smart ass but I think I can add some information to this thread. A water cure of 7 days seems to be about max. but I take it to 10 days just to make sure. Water curing is excellent if you are...
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    My first grow ever. Big Bud strain.

    Dash, congratulations on choosing Big Bud as your strain for your first grow. Big Bud, in my opinion, is one of the most under rated strains out there in Budville. A lot of people have smoked commercial grown Big Bud. It is an excellent strain if your looking for tonnage. A lot of people...
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    I only use dehydrators when doing a water cure. I have found, like Canso, that a slow dry and a slow cure gives the best end product.
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    OK! Trichs have gone cloudy

    I always go by the colour of the trichomes and usually take my bud around 30to 40% amber content. Going by which week your ladies are in flower will drive you crazy! This occurs because many seed banks will tell you that their beans will be ready after 8 weeks when in fact the time frame can...
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    Many strains will turn a shade of purple, in bloom, and this is just part of the stains make up. However, there are many stains that will show purple only if the weather gets cool. I grow, and have grown for a while now, at a high elevation and also in a cool climate. Usually, around this...
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    Outdoor and Rain?

    I have harvested several crops, that were wet do to a last minute rain storm, and had no problems with mold. However, I always hang my plant to dry for a long time, 4 to 6 weeks. After the hanging I trim my plants and put the buds into glass jars. I burp these jars everyday until I am sure...
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    defination of 'sprouting' pls.

    Mutt just gave you some good advise and if I were you I would take it. One thing I see new gardeners do, and it's a mistake, is to let the white tap root get to long. Once the seed has opened and the root starts to come out of the seed shell this is the correct time to plant your sprouted...
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    8 points?

    I did not see the plant but I was told, by a member on another site, that she had a 13 point leaf on a re-vegged plant. I had no idea, when I first started to re-veg plants, that the number of points would vary so much in almost all cases. This confused me but now I have come to expect it.
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    Achieving inner peace..

    We could all improve our lives if we just took a moment to memorize Hicks advice on improving our "Inner Peace"! Although, it is still early morning here, I'm going to get right at that 40 ounce bottle of Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey that I still haven't finished from last Christmas. I'm...
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    I got bored, and got building.

    I have found Canadian craftsmen ship to be excellent in most cases! :D
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    2nd Grow...

    KADE is correct. Flat white paint is far superior to foil and is easy to apply. I use Panda (black/white) in my grow room but if I had to do it over again I think I would save some dollars and just go with the flat white paint (not gloss). Forget foil! ;)
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    watering question

    Some very good advice here! GreenThumbs' comment about getting to know the weight is a very good tip and I use this method all the time with my indoor grow (in 5 gallon containers). However, my outside plants are in 20 gallon containers and thus much harder to pick up and weigh. What I...
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    Peak seeds - Northern Berry

    I agree with your report and I thank you for it. I grew out this strain a couple of years ago and my crop got seeded by a lucky little guy. Even seeded this was a good smoke. I don't know why Peak Seeds is not more popular with folks as they have good genetics, good service, good prices...
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    Bed sheets still make more sense, to me, than plastic. Plastic will not allow any air flow and lack of air flow increased the possibility of mold.
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    I have been told that old bed sheets work better than plastic, as a plant cover, because it allows more air to come in around your plants. I have never done this but I think I have to this year as I'm growing some Pure Haze which takes forever to mature.
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    Forum surfing

    Hello and welcome! I'm new here also and I'm having a good time!
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    Harvest question!!

    You can take just the best buds off your plants and leave the smaller ones for another day. Use a 30X lens to check your trichomes on your buds. You can sometimes get a lot more bud off your plants if you leave the smaller buds on longer so that they can put on more weight.