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    Need Link

    Hey wondering if anyone has a realible place they like to buy their lights from online. im looking for 4 HPS 600w systems not looking to spend alot
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    THe Shed PLZ help

    um well the shed isnt fully metal it has a metal inner wall, the shed is coated with plastic on both sides so the only way to get to the metal is to drill through the wall/roof. and i think if i get a good vent fan going and A/C it will cover it. right?:confused:
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    THe Shed PLZ help

    Ok for about 6 months ive trying to perfect this i call it "The Shed" very original :D anyways im sure every goes to costco well they carry a shed similar to the one in the picture but its 8x8. im going to run a 6in Tubular system which consists of 10 tubes 8ft long, 5 on each side leaving me a...
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    LED Lights Experiment

    Which one would produce most yield? (HPS/LED) If Led which color bulbs would i want to order (best for the plants)if i wanted to build my own light and where would i order these bulbs and where could i find a place that would sell me long circuit boards (6ft and up) Thansk GUys;)