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    Emergency Help .dont Want To Be Busted Need Fast Answer Please.

    paranoia will destroy ya we do this knowing our risks just keep your eyes peeled
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    Is it that time?

    What cycle of the moon do i need to plant and why does it matter what cycle i plant on? Is it time to drop my seeds?
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    How Long Will It Take A Clone To Flower Vs. Seeds

    i'll try it. everyone can't be wrong!
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    How Long Will It Take A Clone To Flower Vs. Seeds

    I just cloned my first plant: what is the best way to root a clipping? water or root hormone? How long will it take a clone to flower vs. planting a seed?:confused:
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    if the plants on fire let the ************ burn

    whats happnin' from the backwoods where the women are wild and the music is loud hoping to learn lots of great tips and better my growing so gimme all ya got and lets teach the whole world to grow TASTY BUDS:D
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    Purple Marijuana Bud

    now that is one sexy plant
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    Mind Boggler

    i will put the tip to "healthy" use
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    Mind Boggler

    thanks for the conformation on the fan tip
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    Mind Boggler

    My plants always grow skinny stalks how do I grow a more meaty stalk?