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  1. FlyingNatural

    Green Cloud

    Long time no post... I haven’t done much growing aside from autos and a hydro set in my house. Conditions changed and growing indoors is no longer an option, so unfortunately I’ve been going through someone for the wife’s supply. It turned out that they were building an access road for a...
  2. FlyingNatural

    3 strain auto grow

    I agree with uptosumpn,I have my autos in 3gal bags in FF happy frog/light warrior&promix seed starter*Mixed in certain proportions.I would'nt grow any plant or flower to maturity in anything under that.Since the flower/life cycle of the dwarfs are so short,I would'nt recomend any undo...
  3. FlyingNatural

    StaRtinG to GrOw

    haha thats a neat little light.
  4. FlyingNatural


    yes,you can be busted if you are cultivating them.if you have alot,you will get hassled,just a few as accented additions will not cause alarm.Most people dont know what they look like,but they will ask questions of a strange flower they have never seen before :P especially a stem with a funny...
  5. FlyingNatural

    Grow closet babies...

    Great Job!! 2dog :) you should get a nice cache of good hash from that as well.I "skimmed" through this forum,so I may repeat questions :P what type of nutes did you use?Your leaf bulk was very healthy :) Are those two 400w? what was the temp in there on avg?I noticed your hoods are not vented...
  6. FlyingNatural

    best bud for closet

    Indicas are my all-time fav for closet (as well as outdoors).NL are awsome first timer strain.You can neglect them and they will always love you.They are most resistant to many indoor problems.Sativas imo,are like trying to get your pet bird off a wire...your standing around all day trying to...
  7. FlyingNatural

    Barneys Farm Violator Kush & Northern Lights

    Nice plants Daddy-o :D Stay Cool
  8. FlyingNatural

    new here, but not new to the game

    Any edition to your post is in your/everyones best interest my man :D Welcome to MP Stay Cool
  9. FlyingNatural

    Green Cloud

    Thanx guys,I am gonna take extreme precautions next season.I have an idea of who it may be....I don't know the person,but I have seen them before.You know what,my girls felt the love when I went there to see them,and I know they are feeling the pain.I'm sure they will come up with a plan for...
  10. FlyingNatural

    Green Cloud

    Hey guys, I am sad to report that this will be my last post for the green cloud thread.I returned today to harvest a few that were ripe to find that all my girls were gone:(all the colas were clipped,all branches peeled away,all that is left are popcorn buds,not even enough to watch a movie.I...
  11. FlyingNatural

    Norther Lights Harvest

    Good stuff my man:D I like the way you utilize your lures :D Very cool. I will be harvesting soon also,my wife will be smoking alone until I go on vacation (invasion of privacy randoms).I think I will blast of with an oatmeal raisin hash cookie when the time is upon me :P enjoy... Stay Cool
  12. FlyingNatural

    Stunt Season

    Honestly,this is the first time I have heard this...I am all ears as well.I would imagine,if you were to start a "stunt" season,or a "short" season it would be sometime in the middle of your normal season...As I have mentioned earlier,I am ignorant to this subject (just my two cents)... Stay Cool
  13. FlyingNatural

    Help me please!

    :yeahthat: If you have cloudy and some amber,the sample test is your indicator.Just watch them close,until your ready.. Great Job,happy harvest Stay Cool
  14. FlyingNatural

    Green Cloud

    hey no bug powder :P Its a combo of the sun,and cropping the photo.It gave the "illusion" of a substance on the leaves...Those are trichs,not powder particulates :D Stay Cool
  15. FlyingNatural

    Green Cloud

    Hey guys, I had a scare the other day.I visited my sativas at the original spot,and from a distance I could'nt see them.Upon closer investigation I noticed they were laying on their side.I did'nt get any closer and came back the next day.They next morning I crept up and realized they have...
  16. FlyingNatural

    Things are lookin good!!

    Very nice :D They appear to be very well hidden.. Good Job!! Stay Cool
  17. FlyingNatural

    Meter-reader;Cuss'em or thank'em?

    Sorry to hear :(Things are tough all over :( Like you said,"at least he's a smoker and not a snitch".Let him be happy with the few nugs,and all is well in the world :D That dude should have given you a break just for that.. Stay Cool
  18. FlyingNatural

    Lot of trichomes(sticky) but no THC(no high) HELP

    lil,iddy,bitty,little,teentsy-weentsy,tiny,budlets.You should'nt be smoking that yet.Unless,you yanked the plant in a hurry and thats your product.Your not getting high because those buds are so young they don't know how to get you high yet :P Wait and be patient.. Stay Cool
  19. FlyingNatural

    Thanks to all you Peeps.. From a Newbie

    Thy thumb is Green :D Excellent job!! They grow themselves man :D You just have to be there to love them like daughters,keep them from getting knocked up and make sure they grow into beautiful women.Which you have done. Great job,Dont harvest to soon,that is your final step.If you are not...
  20. FlyingNatural

    Green Cloud

    These are my indicas girls.A few are almost ready with trichs at75%cloudy and 25% amber/clear.I have one that is real fat,and smells like pineapple.I believe it is hollands hope.I think maybe this week I will harvest one or two of the more mature ones.As you can see some have a bit longer to go...