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  1. skootog

    Newbie is my plant to skinny?

    dont, She's lookin pretty good. The fact that you didn't quit on this plant is pretty cool. Persistence pays off in life in many ways...
  2. skootog

    Massive pot farm discovered: Officials say raid is second largest in Shasta County

    The best use of our tax dollars, no doubt! :mad:
  3. skootog

    n00b question

    The nubs are probably toast.:( Try again, but this time, surround your seeds with some copper. Slugs and snails HATE copper. You can get copper tape from the hardware store. Same thing happened to me a few years ago with some basil. Overnight, my plants were just little stalks at ground...
  4. skootog


    They also tossed in the "Sagarmatha Magical Mystery Mix," along with my order of Northern Lights. 5 days door-to-door. Amazing. And one of the NL seeds took only 24 hours to start breaking the surface.
  5. skootog

    Skootog Redux

    Howdy all! As a kid, I started growing some bag seed in my closet under flourescents. It ended abruptly when my Dad needed an extension cord; he opened the door of my room -- "the dungeon," -- and saw ALL our family's extension cords running under the door of my closet, and a heavenly glow :D...