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  1. sombro

    Sombro's back garden effort.

    About a week to go and all is well, I'll be cutting them down next friday.This morning we had some rain and I've had to support some of the buds because the weight was too much for the plant to take, a good sign I reckon. For reasons I don't want to go into this will be my last post on the...
  2. sombro

    strains with low or no odor at all?

    northern lights is supposed to be pretty low odour
  3. sombro

    Marijuana Passion CD

    thanks for your input, i´ll put you down for wille nelson.
  4. sombro

    Temporary unofficial chat thread

    well... I wasn´t going to make anything that could provoke a fatal injury but on reflection perhaps animals could be injured. even if they are only cats. I´ve not really set up the grow area properly and it feels a bit exposed, next year the security will be better, something that makes a...
  5. sombro

    Marijuana Passion CD

    right you types, where´s your sense of online community ?? bumping this thread back up, come on all you regulars and you newbies, this could be one of the best albums ever and I promise to roadtest it first when the crop comes in. two tunes,album, artist and preferred p2p system...
  6. sombro

    Temporary unofficial chat thread

    This any good for anyone? Please keep it clean!! I´ve got maybe 2 weekends to get through til harvest and I´m paranoid as $%&/, is it morally reprehensible for me to set a trap in my own back garden that would injure someone if caught in it? I mean you types in the US can shoot someone trying...
  7. sombro


    hello matey I´m growing superskunk in the garden and its been quite forgiving so far, I´ve had my greenhouse fall on them, newbie mistakes with nutes and all the insects that you can shake a stick at and they still seem to be going strong. No disrespect to I_H8_MY_EX but I disagree, many...
  8. sombro

    Well damn!

    Hello SB Can this be clarified a little? We are posting from all over the world, what is considered swearing in some countries is common use in others, I have offended people in the US by using the very word in the title of this thread. I don´t mean to give you any hassle, I understand also...
  9. sombro

    what do i do now

    i'm sure any woman will tell you not to finish too soon. see the when to harvest sticky, no link sorry.
  10. sombro

    Would you Rather...

    you are a very disturbed person, i suggest that you go somewhere sunny and listen to some light dinner jazz whilst sleeping on the grass. take a nice bagfull of course. my answer (and i hope to god that it doesn't leave me feeling queasy all day) is a) can't stand corn syrup!
  11. sombro


    no, it´s aural. pertaining to hearing as opposed to oral, pertaining to speech.
  12. sombro


    pedants corner, sure your spellchecker is working? whether not wether referendum not refferendum. apologies and good luck with the Willie thing although, in a fair and just society, all country and western artists would be incarcerated for aural pollution.
  13. sombro

    Need DYI greenhouse plans

    or just the plans
  14. sombro

    Need DYI greenhouse plans

    get it on ebay
  15. sombro

    What I got going on- first grow

    looking like it´s all coming together nicely, looks like a slight nute or light burn on some of the leaves in the last pic though.
  16. sombro

    Sombro's back garden effort.

    well what happened was that I went on holiday and left three plants next to each other so that they could take advantage of the irrigation system.There was no sign of sex before I left, when i returned 10 days later the plant in the middle of the 3 was a fully matured male. I cut it down...
  17. sombro

    Sombro's back garden effort.

    this fell out while I was taking a sample.
  18. sombro

    Worst day of my life...

    Just chill ftw, this girl may be the greatest thing since the bucketbong but take life mellow and stuff will be easier. p.s talking to your girlfriend about watching porn is never a good idea, no matter how honest and open your relationship. in my experience women compare themselves to the...
  19. sombro

    What if I was a dude?

    Please don't take offence but I wouldn't be suprised. It's not difficult to create a new persona for yourself on a chat forum, personally apart from being sombro on here I'm also Sara the bi-curious 21yr old dance teacher on a lesbian chat site and Brick the 15 yr old surfer who looks a bit...