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  1. daku_iBLAZE

    Attitude Freebie Group Grow?

    hmmmm..this sounds fun, too bad I dont have any of those strains, I do have a bunch of other freebies :( Ill be watching this!
  2. daku_iBLAZE


    GH *Cheese* won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006 bro, nothing stolen there. They have won 34 times already, I think they know what they are doing :) Check my grow journal for some more recent pictures. I will post more current pics as soon as I chop in a week or two.
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    I have a a GreenHouseSeeds CHEESE about 1 week from chop! smells super dank and looks soooo damn pretty. Pics coming soon.
  4. daku_iBLAZE

    accidently mixed nutrients in jug

    ^what he said
  5. daku_iBLAZE

    Supercropping... Help Please!

    I used HST or super cropping thru-out my veg and in the first 2 weeks of flower with awesome results. The branches developed thick strong knots where they got bent. Check out the journal for some pics.
  6. daku_iBLAZE

    G13 Labs Sour Candy & GH seeds Cheese

    the top of the sour candy is pulled down in the first picture, if I were to cut the zip-tie it would touch the top of the grow tent. ps. sorry about the sideways pics couldnt figure out this damn program.
  7. daku_iBLAZE

    G13 Labs Sour Candy & GH seeds Cheese

    Its been a while since I post anything on the current grow so I finally went and took some pics. Both plants are 35 days into flower and they are producing some nice looking buds EVERYWHERE, Im talking every node has some kind of flower growth, its nuts. The Sour Candy (on the left) is supposed...
  8. daku_iBLAZE

    Your Body On Drugs

    I was watching that too, robin williams always looks coked the eff up to me lol
  9. daku_iBLAZE

    Plants in Window...

    that is so interesting hushpuppy. I have a G13 Sour Candy (wich I should realy update my growjournal soon) that was in Veg for 6 weeks and 3 days and it never showed any alternating nodes. I put it to flower on the 9th of this month and I just saw this morning it has two little white hairs...
  10. daku_iBLAZE

    G13 Labs Sour Candy & GH seeds Cheese

    Ive been slacking on updates and pics I know! I will have some up today. I put the cheese and the Sour Candy to flower 3 days ago, Im so excited to see what comes out! Do you think 3 weeks of veg is good enough time to flip them? I ask because the "cheese" was only 3 weeks when I made the flip...
  11. daku_iBLAZE

    sog grow help

    How many plants/seeds/clones are you planning on having? With 600wtt you can probably harvest 3 or 4 nice sized plants.
  12. daku_iBLAZE

    G13 Labs Sour Candy & GH seeds Cheese

    I have another question. How much bigger does a plant get after switching to flower? double?triple? I ask because I have about 5'1/2 of vertical space I can use. currently the SC is at 21" including the pot. Feel freely to chip in with any helpful info :)
  13. daku_iBLAZE

    G13 Labs Sour Candy & GH seeds Cheese

    Thanks man, I appreciate that :48: hopefully its one big ginormous bud with a bunch of buds around it. The HST is really making a difference, Im seeing growth everywhere its crazy! At first I was having trouble and snapped like 2 small branches i was trying to hst because I put too much...
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    My 2nd grow

    parking my office chair to watch the action :bong2:
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    G13 Labs Sour Candy & GH seeds Cheese

    Looking good Sol! shes a bushy one for sure with lots of tightly placed nodes and rapid growth. Im excited to see what shes going to look like in flower too, its gona be danky for sure! Okay just making sure that it wasn't something that you HAVE to have. I know I should realy buy a ph reader...
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    G13 Labs Sour Candy & GH seeds Cheese

    I have a question maybe someone can help me with. I NEVER ph my water yet my plant is doing great, its over 15" now and getting some smell to her.,no yellowing anywhere besides a little, teeny, tiny, small, speck right on the tip of a few bottom question is, if there is no visible...
  17. daku_iBLAZE

    What's in Roddy's Garden Today??

    thanks roddy I wasnt sure what was the deal with that. Im only going to be taking 2 clones at a time anyway so space isnt a big issue. keep doing your thing its looking good!
  18. daku_iBLAZE

    What's in Roddy's Garden Today??

    hey roddy, when do you take clones so you can harvest within 2 or 3 months? Im new at all the cloning stuff so anything you can help me with would be tight!
  19. daku_iBLAZE

    Newbie...point me in the right direction

    Whats up CI! glad to have you with us :)
  20. daku_iBLAZE

    a first time for everything!!