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    Caregivers lose BIG rights

    :rofl: :rofl:It was a joke lameass, I am mexican,fool
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    Caregivers lose BIG rights

    Sorry bout double-dippin but think about this one...Does the local pharmacist do any of those things mentioned or only what he has knowledge of;verifying scripts, distributing medicine, and instucting of it's use? I may be way off on this one but it ain't the first time:p
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    Caregivers lose BIG rights

    I'm glad I grow so I am somewhat independent of any need for a club or supplier. I[I] think it's just a big waste of our money and more profits for the..uh..hispanics destoying the hills/mountains with their 5000 plant grows on our protected lands. [I]I'm also not sure how easy it will be to...
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    UKgirl420.Blue Mystic grow!

    Nice, UKgirl! The babies are really growin up...and lookin quite well too.
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    Dead and Dying Clones

    I know nothing about aerocloners cept what i read in MP's thread but i have had this condition(browning-hollowing stems). For me it ended up being unsanitery practices/environment which led to fungas-mold(after i cleaned everything and started over it stopped)...which led me to what Mass said...
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    No poetry in a marijuana forum!?

    Hey Priest, here's one just for you;) Lying awake conscience adrift through roaring thoughts the mind must sift. Relax, and stare through vacant eye's listen to silence as a soul cries. feelings shall flow too deep, and too far evading the truth of who you are:eek: Coincidentally...
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    No poetry in a marijuana forum!?

    Smoke those buds you can't deny the great temptation of getting high, Light that bong and take a big hit gives you a feelin you just can't quit, What a dumb way to get your kicks if you ask me...
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    help me with spider mites

    florakiller, 1 app(:rolleyes: I know) they say. It lasts for 4wks, not recommended once pistils develop. My prob wasn't too bad but 1 application did work. I straight up laughed out loud at hydrostoreguy when he told me that. 50/50 iso/water helps, everything everyone else said though...
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    new set-up, same ol' strain

    I'm guessing about a week. It made a huge diff in the FFOF i just harvested...and thank you. I'l give the final weight of each stage. I didn't even bother weighin the soil side by side, I think it was about 1 oz:o . looks like the bucket will bring a bit more:hubba:
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    Cigars made illegal to prevent pot smoking in MD

    ahhh, the memories of high school. do the politicians not mind looking like fools? I'm pretty sure that any stoner with weed & a match will find a way. IMO they would be much more successful if they outlawed fire. some stoners might not have the patience to rub 2 sticks together long enough.
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    new set-up, same ol' strain

    try,try,again;) :yay: :clap: :rolleyes:
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    new set-up, same ol' strain

    If I got it right...1)whole plant 2)phase 1-tops 3&4) close-ups of two 5)phase 2..given em' another week;) 6) next 2 MPbuckets-18 days sorry about yellow pics #5 didn't go
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    Fall Grow 2008

    I must've missed somethin...I thought the whole reason for using a seed bank was because they (here's where I start to get lost) stabilize the good pheno's before distributing seeds(?). sorry to sidetrack 4u2sm0ke, your plants are looking phenominal!
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    Jolly Rancher

    HPRC used to have some stuff like that(before the raid:rolleyes: ) i think they called it nectar. long as it was kept cool it was hard as glass(or a jolly rancher). Don't know if it's the same but it looked very similar and they charged 70.00g if i remember right. definate 1 hitter quitter...
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    pink pistils???

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    Got My Order

    congrats andy, gotta be exciting gettin beans...thanks for the report:)
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    Massproducer's Coco buckets

    This is in flower for the record...and surface is not totally dry each day. I made kindof a little mote that circles plant, maybe2in wide and a half in deep, that stays wet but the rest dries.
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    Massproducer's Coco buckets

    geez Mass, your always jumpin on everyone:rolleyes: ;) , my limited experience with MP buckets reflects this exactly. I do water mine atleast 5-6 times a week, till i see water squirt out. I kinda thought i had to water them every day to airate...and like the rockwool...if you can't overwater...
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    Massproducer's Coco buckets

    I always make sure i see it comin out since I drowned one;) The 3gal take about 32oz a day with maybe 6-10 comin back out. I'm gettin excited, almost time to harvest my first MCB:hubba:
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    Massproducer's Coco buckets

    Just a thought, You keep saying "dripping out" and the water/nutes comes squirting out of my buckets and i only have a quarter inch hole...could your all perlite layer be below drain hole rather than slightly above it? dont know if it would matter just seems like your water should be pourin...