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  1. gcr6bk

    Hey gang!

    Sorry for such a delayed response. I'm planning on doing a small pc tower grow. Still pondering the setup... Thanks for all the warm welcomes, this place hasn't changed much.
  2. gcr6bk

    Hey gang!

    Hey guys and gals! I used to use this site back in 2007 ish. I first started growing. Man I would read for hours and hours on here and eventually I started to put what I learned here to use. I have had about 8 successful grows then I gave it a break to grow a little. By that I mean, myself...
  3. gcr6bk

    new grower questions

    Sorry to just jump into the thread but it seems like you and me are on TOTALLY different levels... You have tons of land, ur an adult attempting to hide plants from your son, etc. As too where i live with my dad, have a house that he loves too snoop through, supposedly hates drugs, and i have...
  4. gcr6bk

    Farewell To All My Friends/Supporters

    So they just banned you for no reason, that is some **!!!!
  5. gcr6bk

    Everybody that uses flours.!

    For everyone here that uses flours. throughout there whole grow what is yalls setup (light, fan, etc.)?
  6. gcr6bk

    Possible to flower this early?

    Ha QUACK!
  7. gcr6bk

    LST when is too early

    For LST I use those pipe cleaner type thingies. I start at about 3 weeks.
  8. gcr6bk


    It takes a long time to learn how to grow good marijuana. You've got to be able to help yourself and read a grow guide first, after you do that, then start a post with some good questions. Im not trying to be rude either, just letting you know how it is. (P.S. We can obviously tell you haven't...
  9. gcr6bk

    New Here & To Growing (lots of details - advice needed)

    I think its between in between 6.0-7.0 but to avoid nutrient lock up it 6.4-6.6 being ideal.
  10. gcr6bk

    Nice to C yall! Well what happened wuz...

    Kna I ripped my plants out about 1 week before because i had a bad feeling (glad i did) .
  11. gcr6bk

    What is your scariest almost bust story?

    One time bout 2 months ago we were hotboxin my friends truck at night and we saw acop go by. So we all ran inside but by that time the cop hit the corner and turned around headin at us. Finally the cop came to the door and I came outside, he asked me, who was here? I told him me and some...
  12. gcr6bk

    Nice to C yall! Well what happened wuz...

    Ya and it was somebody i used to sell green to for real cheap. Anyways nice to be back and nice to c everyone here!
  13. gcr6bk

    Hey all!

    HEy smoof one!
  14. gcr6bk

    new to forum

    hey, youll luv it here!
  15. gcr6bk

    Jsut wondering!

    I appreciate the advice on scrog. Does any one have some good demonstrational pics on where to cut plant for topping?
  16. gcr6bk

    Nice to C yall! Well what happened wuz...

    Nice to c everyone again. The reason I havent been on is because my house got broke into when we went on vacation. The police came to my house but luckily I got my friends to move my lights and pull my plants up. They also found a bong. I guess they didnt care because nothing happened, but they...
  17. gcr6bk

    Jsut wondering!

    Well the plant hasnt sprouted yet, I will have pics soon. I will start a journal. I will post what happened in the coffee table.
  18. gcr6bk

    New Here & To Growing (lots of details - advice needed)

    You can get a PH Tester at home depot for about $10.
  19. gcr6bk

    Jsut wondering!

    Does anybody here think its possible to grow a bagseed plant and keep it under 15" w/ HST. Soil 3 gallon bucket 15" from top of bucket to top of shelf Bagseed Foxfarm Fert. P.H. is 6.7 CFL's (2-45 watt(warm), 2-25 watt(cool) 1-12" UV bulb P.S. Hey everyone havent been on in a while, police...
  20. gcr6bk

    Stash Box contest