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  1. Herbsparky

    Mandala Speed Queen and a tester's those nutes workin for ya?
  2. Herbsparky

    Confused... maybe a bit dazed

    Personally...I just ask the sun to shut down early. :D
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    My Outdoor Growing Plan!

    I'm located in central Cali...lookin' to start on my second outdoor crop this spring. Let me tell ya....the grasshoppers kicked my *** last year! Then there were the ground squirrels, mountain rats (I'm in the foothills), and spider mites to deal with. Never thought there could be so many issues...
  4. Herbsparky

    Hello all. is business and what's happens in Vegas....stays in Vegas as far as I'm concerned. :bong: It's actually quite liberating to be one of the crowd again.
  5. Herbsparky

    Hello all.

    Sure has....I missed you all.:bong1:
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    Sensi-Man.... sensible man,sensimellia man,get it?

    Welcome SM....I happen to be a Refugee myself. :ccc: Can we look forward to a few novels here and there? You do know...your reputation preceeds you. :yay:
  7. Herbsparky

    Hello all.

    Yup...times certainly change. Not always for the better though. :bump:
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    How many years experience growing

    Believe I started back in 97' or so.
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    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    Bogart is right on the money. MJ plants will actually do better in drier soil than they will in wet soil. I'm simply saying that the cup a day method you are using now is not what you want to do. Water the medium completely to the point of saturation then allow the medium to dry out....reapeat...
  10. Herbsparky

    stems purple

    Purple stems usually are a sign that there is a lack of phosphorus to the plant. This can be from a nute lockout situation or a lack of it being supplied to the plant in an another manner such as poor ferts.
  11. Herbsparky

    Hello all.

    I meant no offence to you or your site if that was what you may have thought. Sorry if what I wrote implied that. Just curious really since I reside in the US and laws here are much less forgiving in the area of cultivation. Just seems that a guest is not registered and can easily view my posts...
  12. Herbsparky

    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    You are sort of on the right track here, but not all the way there yet. ;) You want the entire medium wet....not just give them a little here and a little there. Dry medium does not absorb water a well as damp medium does so it does take soem time for it to absorb what it can hold. Trick is to...
  13. Herbsparky

    few questions

    Here's one I hear many people have used Potluva.
  14. Herbsparky

    stealth grow

    I'm running a 430W in a very compact stealth setup and it's working great. You are looking at lights that are not 'remote ballast'. You NEED a remote ballast with a batwing reflector and/or cool tube for small spaces. The cool tube would probably be the better choice IMO. Either way you need to...
  15. Herbsparky

    Hello all.

    Thanks NTC....Had my fill of drama thanks. Just need some peace and quiet for once.'s security on this site anyway? I see hat guests can pretty much view the site at their leizure.....that's not such a good thing I would think. You know how pot growers are....paranoid. ;)
  16. Herbsparky

    few questions

    Here's a couple. This soil can be found at most nurseries as well.
  17. Herbsparky

    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    Bandit....soil expands with moisture and will shrink with a lack of moisture. When the soil dries out it will leave a gap around the perimiter of the pot itself due to shrinking. This is how i know it's time to water. I know this holds true for lots of potting soils, but maybe not for yours...I...
  18. Herbsparky

    Oh this is excellent!

    I have heard the same about paypal. I am getting a business going selling keif boxes that I make and am going with a free merchant account. Paypal also did me wrong long time ago. Bad news there if ya ask me. Anyway...sounds like this seed thing is gonna be a winner. May I ask what the parentage...
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    How's this site doing?

    I believe a site is what the members make it. So far seems to be good people here and I am enjoying my stay. :)
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    few questions

    I would only use the flos for vegging the plant myself. Come time for flowering they are not going to make you happy no matter how many you try to stack in there. Go with at least a 250W HPS if you want a decent yeild. As for the ferts....give them a good veg fert till you see them start to...