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    Blue Mystic Clones

    omg, gotta luv that^^
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    Screwdriver's White Widow grow

    lookin great=)
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    Second Grow..

    Anyone know what the optimal pH value for my rooting water should be. I think tap water here is around 7,5; maybe a point or so over.
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    How I make Trees

    this is just crazy=) Well done my friend..
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    Second Grow..

    Thanks, that seems logical. Where are the Vulcans when you need them?....(other than this forum I mean^^)
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    Second Grow..

    Hi guys About a week ago I was given 7 clones from a friend. Since then they''ve all stood in a jug(transparent plastic) of water(24/7-lights), containing minute amounts of nutes. I think I'm starting to see something that might resemble roots. Though just on a few of the cuttings, I am...
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    Zarnon takes aim at a fall and winter grow

    Looking great. It's good to c ya all doing a great job. GG
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    Hi again people

    It's been a while since I've stopped by the forum and thought i'd say hello. For the past months I've had to give up on my 'Growing project'. My landlord wasn't very keen on letting me carry on, so I had to stop. Despite this I've been reading up on the Morning Glory and it's effects and I'm...
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    BigBudz White Widow/Ice grow

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way.
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    4 Northern Lights and 2 White Widdow

    they look very nice and bushy=) GG
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    My current grow (pukka skunk fem'd)

    Hey Jolly. Welcome to the forum. The pics look great=)
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    (4) White Widow clones

    still great
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    A few questions..

    1.) How do you know when to start flushing? 2.) The buds gain most weight in what stage of flowering?
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    First Grow, take a look=)

    Ah ok. In that case the hood is not vented=) As this is my first grow I never really got time to study this vast science. There are alot of thing I would do differently. For my next grow I'll get some real ventilation going and make sure I have enough room. I'll post some pics of the plants...
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    First Grow, take a look=)

    omg, I have way to many plants. They're getting enormous. I've managed to limit growth by tying down some main colas. I've had problems with heat stress aswell and have placed a netting directly under the lamp(1feet+) that should limit any further damage. I saw tricomes a few days ago and...
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    Devel Horned Bud

    a spawn of evil.- The smoke is probably gonna be damn good.
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    **** Yea, My First Grow!

    looking great!
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    Evelon grow journal (Panama Red and Super)

    Looking good. Nice plants man.
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    HPS light question

    I think most people agree that stealing isn't cool. The same thing does not apply for growing pot.....