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    Spider Mites?????

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    co2 during vegetive growth?

    I would like some other input on this because frankly I dont agree with you. Read every grow guide on the planet and it clearly states that co2 enrichment is key for increased growth, yields, and generally better MJ plants. If co2 was only used to control temps than why does just about every...
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    co2 during vegetive growth?

    Advanced growers: I am moving towards using co2 enrichment in my grow room. I generally veg clones for two-three weeks depending on the strain and then put them into flower. How much better off will I be if I enrich both my veg and flower room or am I safe just adding co2 during flowering...
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    To the Experience on this forum!!!

    You know what I just realized that Mutt had a marvelous sticky on the calculating of costs for HID lights, can anyone speack to how accurate that is??? It looks like 2 1000 watters will run me about $80 per month with one on a continuos light cycle of 24 hrs and one on 12/12...Your advice is...
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    To the Experience on this forum!!!

    :D Is there anyone currently running at least 2 1000 watt lights with good ventilation??? I am stepping up to 2 1000 watters from 2 400 watters and am curious what the electrical usage will look like. Just wondering if I can get a rough estimate on billing per month. Also does anyone know...
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    Fruity Tuity Bubblegum Grow

    Its definitely a hermie with alot of dominant male traits, get rid of the freak, seal up your room and make sure you new girls never get interrupted during their beauty sleep (dark time)...Good luck and Good Growing!
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    Interesting!!! Roots Organics VS Fox Farms (updated link)

    I used FF Ocean and Forest on my last grow and had great success, I plan on using it again this next time around...
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    Long time no post!

    Hey guys, Glad to see MP is still spreading the love for MJ cultivation...Well my last grow (as some of you remember was going great) ended in a disaster...My grow partner cheated on his girlfriend (the only person in the world other than him, my wife and I who knew about our grow) and she...
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    Ordering from the doc

    You got WHAT? Dude that's not cool...I am sure that it is just slang but if there are any Jewish members on this site I am sure they would not appreciate that!:o
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    7 Weeks into flower....Question??

    Well it definitely looks like a Sativa/Indica mix, I have 3 heavy indica Mistys also in flower and the leaves are broad and fat...This girl has more medium sized leaves not real skinny like a sativa...The magnfier I have is from Radio Shack and is 15x (I said scope because I didnt want to spell...
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    7 Weeks into flower....Question??

    This is the correct thread!
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    7 Weeks into flower....Question??

    Hey guys.....My bagseed beauty is now about 7 weeks into flower:D She has nice buds that are pretty dense and heavy...Her trichs are mixed, clear and cloudy, with the hairs tunring pinkish on top and more of a red lower down the plant. I tested a few buds from middle to upper on her at 6 weeks...
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    "Misty Grow"***Superb Dank

    Hey all...After a short break from MP I proud to unveil some new pics of my beautiful beauties...LOL....Girl on the front left (topped and pruned in veg) and the real tall girl (left untouched) are 3 weeks into flower, the bud sites are coming along nicely and they really are giving off a great...
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    Test Run / 1st Grow

    Hey all, Well I took a little break from MP only to be drawn back to post some killer pics of my bagseed beauty...Here she is now at about 5 1/2 weeks into flower, the buds are gettin so fat that I had to tie her up to support her branches and the trichs are starting to cluster more and...
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    word, enjoy the smoke!!!
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    Isnt it possible that what PTBO is seeing are swollen calyxes and not seed pods??? Just a thought???
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    The Birth of a Candy Bar (XXX)

    I wish I coulda grabbed Reese's Pieces!!!
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    Bag Seed Bonanza!

    How about we stop all the debating...I think everyone understands that buying seeds from a breeder that implements quality standards on genetics, conditions, etc. is going to be better then a seed you pulled from a bag. I am sure that there are instances that you will have both good and bad...
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    Bag Seed Bonanza!

    I thought I would turn this post around with some pics of my bagseed beauty, it came from a bag of regs. Hey NaturalHi once again those babies are beautiful, my girl can only hope to compare, she is now about 4 weeks into 12/12...Hope you Enjoy:D
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    Sound OFF...."Why Do You Grow"

    You all made some really good points and it is good to see Doc that you are helping your Mother out and it just goes to show another great use for MJ...Rocky and LDY you guys made another great point that I didnt even think of...Knowing what your smoking and not smoking some chemed up crap is...