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  1. smokybear

    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    True! Tpbm is a is smoking right now!
  2. smokybear

    My Inside Grow

    They definitely have some time left before they are finished. Did you purchase the seeds or get them from somebody reputable? They aren't lowriders if they are 5 monthis old. Lowriders were developed to flower under any type of light in approximately 2 months. If it were lowrider, it would be...
  3. smokybear

    Hi Everyone

    Hi there and welcome to MP. This is a great place to learn/share your knowledge of growing mj. It's filled with all sorts of information that will definitely help you along the way. If you're just beginning, the Resources Tab at the top of this page is a great place to start. I hope to see you...
  4. smokybear

    Hello All - New guy here who feels a little left out

    Hi there and welcome to MP. This is a great place to learn/share your knowledge of growing mj. It's too bad to hear that you can't start a little garden of your very own. Maybe someday in the near future, things will change... We will see. Anyways, I hope to see you around the forums sometime in...
  5. smokybear

    Here is my #1 girl at day 40 of flower. How she looking?

    I agree with Vancouver. Let them go at least 8 weeks and you will have at least 2 jars of primo bud to smoke on. It's good to hear that you have more clones ready to go! Do a few grows and you can be smoking for quite a long time. They are looking great so far. Keep up the good work and you will...
  6. smokybear

    mistake at start up

    I would say that they should be just fine. Don't worry too much about them. You can kill them with care, too. It's a weed and can take a lot of abuse. I would water enough to wet all the soil in the container. Water until you see run-off and then it should be ok for a few days. After a while...
  7. smokybear

    Auto's just for seed.

    Pretty weird. I've seen that on outdoor plants that I've grown before. They were bagseed so I couldn't say if it was genetics or what the deal was. Everything is looking good my friend. Congratulations on impregnating your ladies! Seeds for everyone! :) Keep us posted on your progress. Take care...
  8. smokybear

    pop up

    Most of mine show themselves within the first three days. I would give them 7 days to break soil before I threw them out. Also, make sure you only bury the seedlings just under the soil with the taproot pointing up. That will help, I think. Keep us posted. Take care and be safe.
  9. smokybear

    Can plants still bud in 40 degree weather

    The plants will flower in time. If they are sativas, you may not be able to finish them up completely but you will still have some high quality smoke. Keep us posted on your progress. Take care and be safe.
  10. smokybear

    Health? Is it safe to smoke MJ while on a nicotine patch to quit smoking cigarettes?

    Quitting smoking is a very hard habit to break and I'm guily of it myself. I wish you the best of luck in your efforts to kick the habit. Stay strong and don't let it run your life. Keep us posted. Take care and be safe.
  11. smokybear

    Anatomy of a pot bust

    What an abysmal waste of money for nothing.. When will things change? Thanks for the story FruityBud. Take care and be safe.
  12. smokybear

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    Hi there BHC. Welcome to the club cubby. Glad to have you here my friend. Overcast and dreary where I'm at today. Pretty depressing so I'm staying happy by Bongin It Up!! Here's one for you guys and gals! :bong: Take care and be safe everyone. :D
  13. smokybear

    Could it be a girl?!?!?

    Definitely a girl. Congratulations. Keep us posted. Take care and be safe.
  14. smokybear

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    Pretty little pup you have there Buddyluv. 75 and sunny where I'm at. Beautiful day for a walk with the dogs. BIU guys and gals. Take care and be safe.
  15. smokybear

    A Few Bud Shots

    Beautiful my friend. Take care and be safe.
  16. smokybear

    can i turn a male into hash?

    Don't waste your time. Throw it in the compost pile. Just my thoughts. Take care and be safe.
  17. smokybear

    5 feet tall now and i want to induce budding!

    I say spend the money on the good nutes and you will be well rewarded when harvest time comes around. Good nutes = better harvest. Just my thoughts. Take care and be safe.
  18. smokybear

    Porno in my garden!

    Lol. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Take care and be safe.
  19. smokybear

    Slowwwww growing plants

    Do you have any pictures of them? How far away are you keeping the floros and the mh away from the tops? 3" in five weeks seems really slow to me.... Something is going on. Keep us posted. Take care and be safe.
  20. smokybear

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    Hi there BHC!! How is everyone doing today? A little past 1 AM where I'm at and I'm pretty stoned... :hubba: :hubba: Figured I would drop in and say Hello!! Anyone up for a couple :bong: :bong: ?? I figured as much!! :48: :48: Lets get the puff-puff-pass going before bedtime! :D Have a good...