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  1. PencilHead

    What are you listening to?

    So I'm like a million years old and don't care for teknowlogy much but I dig new sounds much. Hammy, someone please help do decent posting of this. Aussie beach-gothy shite. Got more anybody wants it. Got Mystic Braves, Allah-Las, Growlers fresh stuff. Got vintage Brian Jonestown Massacre...
  2. PencilHead


    That's not mites, dad. The splotches are waaay big and mites are waaay tiny. If you didn't accidentally spray something caustic (bleach, etc.) or a solvent carrier, then the creature that attacked those unfortunate chillun is waaay bigger than a mite to chomp holes that big. Mites give you...
  3. PencilHead

    What are you listening to?

    Night Beats-Playing Dead just faded and The Growlers This Fruit Is For Everything. Peace and shit, y'all.
  4. PencilHead

    Old members re visiting, come and say hello again.

    Whut up, Hippie? Been a minute or two. Hope things are good with you and yours. And a hello to the rest of you old-schoolers. Hope things are good with all of you. Peace, love, tranquility, longevity and stuff...
  5. PencilHead

    What's Wrong with my plant

    And then again, some strains just don't like you or you method.
  6. PencilHead


    Be safe, Florida brothers. Riding it out in Orlando. No sweat.
  7. PencilHead

    something eating the leaves i think

    If it's a bug, it's leaf miners but they hit way harder than a spot or two here or there. Cut out the mined leaves and flush them. Don't know where you live, but where I live we can't even grow tomatoes anymore without pesticides because leaf miners. I wouldn't dream of growing outside here...
  8. PencilHead

    PM problems

    Thanks, guys. I think I got it covered. Electrical stuff scares me pretty badly. Did a sub-panel-50 amp/change over to 240v ballasts/going CO2. Trying to create an envelope here. Did double 2" rigid all around both rooms and the control/sink room. Closed Florida the hell out. Hope everyone is...
  9. PencilHead

    PM problems

    Thanks, Rosie. I'll try to muster up some patience--something I'm not ordinarily blessed with.
  10. PencilHead

    PM problems

    Hey, people. Been a while. I keep trying to PM Hammie but the message doesn't seem to be getting sent. Am I holding my mouth wrong or something? Hammie, drop me a PM if you will--relocating my dog and pony show and need a sparky. Take care and be well, everyone.
  11. PencilHead

    Love of grow, or love of dank?

    I got very sick for a while 9 or 10 years back--vomitting like every 30 or 45 minutes for days on end--and started researching the benifits of cannabis. A friend who was a dabbler steered me to MP and I stayed. Then I began deeper research for a crime novel I'd been looking at doing with...
  12. PencilHead

    Need a little help sexing plants please

    From my perspective, your friend isn't exactly correct on cloning tops. They're harder to clone successfully than nice young green ends from your mains. i suspect this is from too much greenery to support while rooting. JMO.
  13. PencilHead

    Rice Hulls/Husks

    Thanks, Duck. My shop guys couldn't find a decent source. Zem, my goal is a gentler source of silica. Hulls also do the same as perlite or coco in that they aerate.
  14. PencilHead

    Rice Hulls/Husks

    Hey, boys and girls. Hope everyone is doing well and reasonably happy. Question: Does anyone have a source for rice hulls? Or husks if you prefer that term. I can find a shipping container full from Thailand or a baggie full for making your own Miller Lite, but no reasonable amount. I'd go for...
  15. PencilHead

    Bud building tips

    Rice hull ash doesn't goof your pH up so bad.
  16. PencilHead

    Silica Blast?

    It hit me about 3 o'clock this morning: rice husk ash is a source of pure silica. Composted hulls have a good bit of silica as well. If organic's your passion, then get some rice hulls and organic on.
  17. PencilHead

    Critical strain - height issue

    You either need to get a tent or build an enclosure. You'll lose too much light in a room that big. How many 600s are you running? I run 3 in a 34 square foot (about 3 M2) room, and 6 big plants in 15 gallon (what's that, like 50-something liters?) pots is pushing it.
  18. PencilHead

    Silica Blast?

    Because the buds get big.;) I top and lollipop severely and the 4 top buds still get large. Home Depot has a break-away arbor thing outside on the end shelf with the green plastic-coated wire and the nice decorative stakes. Question for the old growers: shouldn't worm castings have a decent...
  19. PencilHead

    Mites & Mold

    Spider mites come in on you or outside stuff you bring in. If you have other vegetation outside, watch it. Reusing soil is a good way to get spider mites. Sorry reusers.
  20. PencilHead

    soil recipe?

    Uncle Pencil's easy, cheap mix. Beats Roots to hell. (1) 3.8 cf Pro-Mix BX (3) 5 kilo coco blocks (1/2) 30 lb bag of Wiggle Worm (1/2) 4 cf bag of perlite (15 gallons) (6) pounds Espoma Bio-Tone Starter Plus (18.5 cups) That should yield about 140 gallons/18.5 cf of prime media at about $9 per...