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    I love fat girls

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    Larry King live?

    i was just wondering if anyone watched CNN's Larry King live last night. they had Ron Paul debating Steven Baldwin on legalization of mj. what the hell? how is Steven Baldwin even close to the right person for Ron Paul discuss this issue with. it was just a 10 minute deal but i just thought...
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    Larry King live?

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    Another Battle lost

    Hi, i know its been a while since i logged in. I've had alot going on in life. I just wanted to share this with the few ppl on here that know me. I lost my mother on december 27th to breast cancer. she fought for along time but it finally got to bad to fight anymore. Thanks to everyone who gave...
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    Just popping in to say happy holidays to everyone

    Thanks everyone. things are calming down abit now so i'll try to pop in from time to time.. be safe
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    Just popping in to say happy holidays to everyone

    thanks, im not lettin it get me down. positive thought are all i have. they say my mom is doing good with the treatments so as nieve as it may be i have high hopes. my aunt on the other hand is feeling good right now but not much they can do for the brain tumors. it's out of our hands now. faith...
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    Just popping in to say happy holidays to everyone

    Hi fellow mp'ers I've been absent for a while dealing with some family things. cancer is every where. my mom's has came back and my aunt is being treated for lung and brain cancer, what a year! I'd just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone happy holidays. Make sure to spend time with...
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    Where are our peeps at.

    i talked to Puff monkey yesterday.. he's good but dealin with some stuff. im sure he'll pop in some time or another. i also talk to Trillions of Atoms daily, he's also good just without a computer.
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    only 24 hrs in a day?

    ok these are just my thoughts.. if your gonna use the theroy that the plant uses energy from the light to grow during the dark to produce more bud then why not just run your light for 12 hours then go dark for 24? it doesn't make sense to me to even attempt it. it makes sense to me that if...
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    pot sizes

    im with Hamster lewis. i do pretty good with small pots. i use one gallon pots most of the time. im currently doing a side by side grow with 1 plant in a 3 gallon and 1 in a 1 gallon. same strain same conditions. only thing thats different is pot size. so far they're just alike at and should...
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    bug problem

    could be fungus gnats.. is your soil wet for long periods of time? or anything else holding moisture?
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    Jock Horror Auto Grow

    BBfan, i thought the same thing about auto's but finally gave them a shot. i've been suprised so far..
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    Neem Oil question...

    what stage are your plants in? i wouldn't use neem oil in flowering ever.. when you do use it spary the entire plant and make sure you get the bottom of the leaves really good.. youll find directions on the bottle.. just follow them and you'll be fine.. if you use it in flowering your bud...
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    see im totally different with the nutes. i start feeding mine after about 7 days with 1/8 strenght grow nutes and work my way up to a full dose before they sex. when they sex i continue grow nutes till i see small bud formation not just pistils.. then i'll switch to flower nutes. so far i've...
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    Super Cali Haze outdoors

    im guessin these are fem seeds? i'll be startin a single seed of the SCH in a week or two.. good luck
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    MI5, RRF, Jock Horror Auto Grow by Jericho

    nice Jericho, i have an ER x RRF cross thats gonna have a great yeild.. the top is as big as a 2liter coke bottle. my HBD's aren't far behind yours and so far i like mine pretty good. crazy amounts of trichs on them and even the bottom buds are rock hard. i never thought i'd like auto's...
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    Autoflower nute schedule

    i don't use any light till the break ground.. but thats just me
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    Small Brown Spots 4Wks in Bloom... Help

    have you looked on the bottom of the leaves?
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    Autoflower nute schedule

    you'll read all kinds of crazy stuff like that. i would stick with proven nutes. JMO