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  1. Runbyhemp

    Wow MP hopping tonight

    I hear you on the spammer front. I also run a forum (non mj related) and have big problems with them. I had spambots automatically generating new accounts every few minutes. I set all signups to email verification only. This cut spammers in half as a lot of them signup with made up email addys...
  2. Runbyhemp

    Wow MP hopping tonight

    Yeah but all these members did not log on in last 24 hours. If you try to click on some of the names it will tell you that you don't have priviliges to view and others you click on will tell you they joined in last couple of days. What's more they are are not real names, they are randomly...
  3. Runbyhemp

    7 letter word game, anyone?

    Sup ;) thrifty
  4. Runbyhemp

    7 letter word game, anyone?

  5. Runbyhemp

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    I only blacked out once, and that was after taking alcohol and anti depressents. Couldn't remember anything. Scared the bejaysus out of me. I said never again. That was 20 years ago. Mind how you go SM
  6. Runbyhemp

    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    false TPBM has just returned from a strenuous meeting
  7. Runbyhemp

    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    False, have about 6 in me at his stage but am a few hours ahead of you guys The person below me is scratching their backside.
  8. Runbyhemp

    purple wreck/blue moonshine x's

    Nice journal Irish, keep up the good work
  9. Runbyhemp

    Height from the top?

    Hang the light as close as you can without burning the seedling.
  10. Runbyhemp

    How long ?

    If you soaked the seeds and they had already began to crack it, should be matter of day/days before they are up. What do you mean when you say you have to reset your heat mat ? I just plug my mat in and set the required temp on the dial. It switches on and off to maintain correct temps itself.
  11. Runbyhemp

    It's Been Raining (Radiation) song I wrote.

    Hope that Youtube account isn't set up with your real life details ;)
  12. Runbyhemp

    outdoor pots !!

    Easier to control feeding, easier to move around, maybe the local soil isn't suitable for growing cannabis.
  13. Runbyhemp

    old v new

    When you find Go advanced (pic above) scroll down to Additional Options There you will find an option to Manage Attachments I wouldn't bother with Picassa, too much hassle. Just use Paint on your computer to resize. Hope this helps
  14. Runbyhemp

    Mostly Mandala

    Nice grow journal THG, very healthy looking plants. Will be trying DWC myself shortly. Might be asking for some advice down the road if that's ok with you ?
  15. Runbyhemp

    Is this normal?

    Usually takes between 10 and 14 days for my clones to start rooting. Some turn bit yellow on me but as soon as they start feeding they'll come good. Any chance you have a picture of them ?
  16. Runbyhemp

    Poor crop

    800w would be insufficient to light an entire large room, but don't forget his large room is not filled with plants ... he only has 4. I'd guess the 800w will be concentrated over them in one small part of the room. 800w puts out about 100,000 lumens. Over 16 square feet this will give you...
  17. Runbyhemp

    Poor crop

    I agree with BBfan that it's not the lights. If they were able to get him that far then they should have no problem finishing the job. 800W should be plenty for 4 plants.
  18. Runbyhemp

    my first year 'baccy crop

    Thought about growing tobacco myself but here in Ireland you could be dragged off in handcuffs, you need a special license. Healthy looking plants, keep us filled in on how the harvest and cure goes.
  19. Runbyhemp


    I'd be one of the ones who didn't like it ... be like smoking toothpaste. Never did like menthol cigarettes or flavoured papers etc. I like bud to taste of bud.
  20. Runbyhemp

    Best Marijuana Seed Shop

    Won't be visiting any website that can't spell seeds correctly in the name.