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    So, how's YOUR weather today??

    I can really feel the summer heat here. The sun really showed up and its sooo hot..daaammmnnn, I can feel its hotness through my skin. But its ok, its summer, and its good to enjoy summer..heehehehehe.. Lots of beaching outings..weeeeeeeeeee.! hehehehehe happy summer everyone! :)
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    Sup People New Here :D

    hello everyone..hows every body doing??hehehehehe..its good to be a part of this forum..wew! happy summer! :)
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    why am i feeling freezing cold when i smoke?

    wew..! I have experienced this. It is really hard to say goodbye to smoking in a just a snap..hehehehehe..but i have been practicing myself not to smoke too much until Ill get used not to smoke anymore..hehehehehe! I've been wanting to stop smoking because we all know it is really not good for...
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    Huge News For The 1 Million Canadian Med Mj Users

    ok, now let me ask you guys, if marijuana can be used as medicine to cure people then is it legally allowed to plant marijuana's? I mean, I have head/seen in the news that who ever caught planting marijuana's on their backyard are being caught and those plants are confiscated by the authorities...
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    Hi Marijuana Passion!!!

    hello everyone..hows everybody doing??:hubba: its good to be a part of this since i wanted to know more about marijuana..hehehehehe:p
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    Hey there fellow stoners

    hello there everyone! have nice day ahead :hubba: yeehhaaa! hehehehehe