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  1. Sparda

    Brrr it's cold this December!

    Hey all! Thanks for the replies :) I figured it was because it was getting too cold in there. We have since decided to just go ahead and add a little heater into the mix and the average temp is now around 75 so thats much better. I just don't like having a heater on in there like T4 said it's...
  2. Sparda

    Brrr it's cold this December!

    Hey all, just a quick question for you all. The temps have obviously dropped quite low given the time of year but what kind of effects can the lower temps have on your plants? I have two which have been in flowering for around 7-8 weeks and some of the fan leaves and some of the stems are...
  3. Sparda

    How'd you come up with your username?

    I used to be quite a big console gamer, I still actually have quite the line up of consoles; Atari Commodore 64 Master System Snes Megadrive & Mega CD Dreamcast Playstation 1/2/3 I don't really have much time to play games these days though but one of my favorite games was the Devil May Cry...
  4. Sparda

    First grow

    Thank you all very much =) much appreciated! We did let the WW go all the way they were harvested today which was a little over 10th week of flowering and we got a lot more than what we were expecting lol. 58.17 ounce wet weight from the 5 plants which I think is pretty good to say that they...
  5. Sparda

    RIP Steve Jobs.....very sad day.

    Sad day indeed, Jobs was a creative genius and his passing will be a great loss to future technology. Tim Cook really has a lot to live up too.
  6. Sparda

    Fimming VS Normal

    Topping was the first thing that I looked into before I read T4's thread and fimming was mentioned then I looked into that and we decided to give it a try. I like the way it has multiple top colas I think it looks cool. Haha yeah it does look like a christmas tree, if growing was legal here I...
  7. Sparda

    Fimming VS Normal

    I don't mind at all, its a shame the pic is small would have liked to have seen the full size pic. Do you have it? Welcome back to the world of growing then :D sorry to hear that your beans didn't pop. I only started back in April and I'm totally addicted to it lol. Would also like to see...
  8. Sparda

    Fimming VS Normal

    Thanks all! I can't wait for it to be done and take that first hit, it's been years since I've smoked White Widow haha. :48:
  9. Sparda

    Whos Up for a Micro fun grow?

    Woop! Looking much better Jack, I'm glad one of them pulled through :D good job dude.
  10. Sparda

    Fimming VS Normal

    We currently have five White Widows at week 6-7 of flowering and just before flowering due to reading Time4Plan-B's thread in which fimming was mentioned, we decided to see the difference between the two for ourselves. So we went with fimming three out of the five and then left the other two as...
  11. Sparda

    Are you home?

    Lol that's damn funny, I can just picture your wife standing behind you waiting for you to answer the question too before tapping you on the shoulder hah.
  12. Sparda

    Safe to ship MJ? Nope....

    :holysheep: lol.
  13. Sparda

    Harvesting Question?!?!

    If you have a picture which has already been uploaded on another thread and you want to post them in a different thread too you can use the attach function. Every picture has it's own ID number, so when you open an attached picture you will get a link like...
  14. Sparda

    Disclosure (proof we arent alone)

    Nothing to do with Alians ect lol but a little something relevent to 2012. In 1859 there was a perfect solar storm which washed over the earth, at that point in time it wasn't very noticeable due to the lack of electronics used at that time only thing that really was affected was the telegraph...
  15. Sparda

    Harvesting Question?!?!

    No prob, let us know what it turns out to be like =) very nice job though btw looks great!
  16. Sparda

    Whos Up for a Micro fun grow?

    Either one is good hah I would take part if I could, but I'll just have to make do with watching you all and seeing how they all turn out! Good luck to you all.
  17. Sparda

    Whos Up for a Micro fun grow?

    They are not looking well at all, greenmojo to your babies.
  18. Sparda

    Harvesting Question?!?!

    From the look of it, I would say that it needs another week or two to bulk up some more but if you want to then snip off one of the small buds and quick dry it then give it a smoke test, if you like the high start the trimming if not leave it for another week or two. Just remember that since...
  19. Sparda

    A look through the scope...what you think???

    Looks to be quite a few ambers on the last two pictures, it really all depends on what kind of high you want as to which stage to harvest. The best way to do it is to snip of a small bud leaf and place it flat then use the scope to look through it.
  20. Sparda

    When to harvest?? too cold??

    Lol that is a cool picture though to be honest.