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  1. cadlakmike1

    New Here

    What problems are u having? Have u posted questions yet?
  2. cadlakmike1

    Hey People

    :icon_smile: :48:
  3. cadlakmike1

    which light for autos?

    Autos do not go through different stages. They will will auto flower regardless of light cycle. My experience has been that given a 20 on 4 off cycle I have seen best yields. You do not need to go to a 12/12 to get them to bloom. Just beware of hermies if you have other plants neer by...
  4. cadlakmike1

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    Let me re-sign in. Been an awful long time.
  5. cadlakmike1

    Been a while

    Don't know if anyone from here still remembers me, but it's been a long time since I checked in and I just wanted to say HIGH...
  6. cadlakmike1

    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    Been a while since I stopped in here. Nice to still see some familiar faces. Good evening ladies and gents. Been a wild and odd day for me. BIU!! :bong2:
  7. cadlakmike1

    What kind of rizla do you use?

    I like the Zig Zag orange slow burning papers. I like the way they roll. Never heard of Rizla either. So I should I vote no preference?
  8. cadlakmike1

    cleaning room

    How is your grow room set up? Is it all painted white or do you have mylar (or panda film, or something similar) hung? If you are using some sort of reflective material, you could always just replace it. Personally, I hate cleaning mylar. I'd rather just hang new. Fortunately, 90% of my...
  9. cadlakmike1

    Just wanted to say hi.

    It's great to see some people I recognize, thank you for the kind words from all. No, DP WW here, it's DP SS remember? Working. Last I was here I had said I had to take some time away from growing and smoking. Believe it or not, I missed growing more than smoking. Nothing exciting to...
  10. cadlakmike1

    Just wanted to say hi.

    Thanks for the kind words. Nice to see a few familiar faces. :) From what I have read so far it doesn't look like anyone has done a full grow on any of those freebies, but a few are in the process and I will keep an eye on them. I also have some Mazar I think I might start. Not sure yet...
  11. cadlakmike1

    Just wanted to say hi.

    It's been a while, figured I'd stop by and see if I still knew anyone here. I see the site looks a little different than I remember. The thanks button is back!?!? Awesome! LOL. I'm about to start a new grow, was thinking about using those free seeds some of us got from the tude around x-mas...
  12. cadlakmike1

    Whats on the X-Mas Dinner Table

    7 different types of fish tonight. Calamari, Scungilli, Bacalla, Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, and Snapper. Tomorrow; start the day with antipasta, then pasta fagioli, then ravioli, stuffed shells, garlic pasta with, and a bunch of traditional American type foods (ham, mashed potatoes, green been...
  13. cadlakmike1

    Attitude seedbank giving away 15 seeds -X-Mas Giveaway-

    Received my package today. I was hoping for the skull logo, got the bulldog though:(. Oh well, happy with everything else but I doubt I'll be starting any of them any time soon. Not sure yet, we'll see.
  14. cadlakmike1

    600 watt ballasts

    The only thing a magnetic ballast has over digital is that it is cheaper. Magnetic ballasts run hotter and are much noisier, and heavier. A magnetic ballast ignites the bulb, then keeps it lit with a pre-set amount of electricity determined by a coil, core, capacitor, and ignition system. A...
  15. cadlakmike1

    is it true that when you take a clone the potency gets weaker every time you clone?

    No harm done, you just missed my point by leaving off the next sentence. Definition of genetic drift: Alteration in gene frequencies that usually occurs in a small population and results from chance processes alone, not from natural selection, mutations, or immigration. That is why I don't...
  16. cadlakmike1

    is it true that when you take a clone the potency gets weaker every time you clone?

    HIE, I agree with you that in time cloning a clone will decrease potency, but not with your choice of words using "genetic drift". You quoted me out of context. The next line I wrote was why I felt there was a degradation in quality, and my explanation had nothing to do with randomness or...
  17. cadlakmike1

    is it true that when you take a clone the potency gets weaker every time you clone?

    I would imagine that a lot of clone only strains are not flowered out and cloned constantly, more than likely a mother is kept when available. I would also imagine that most people that have clone only strains are keeping them in near ideal conditions to help insure the survival of that strain...
  18. cadlakmike1

    Trouble with timer and ballast

    I'm going to say it's the ballast. To test, eliminate the timer and plug the ballast directly into a wall with the bulb in place, screwed into the hood. If it lights it is the timer, but I doubt it will. If it does not light it is either the ballast or the bulb, if the bulb lights at any time...
  19. cadlakmike1

    is it true that when you take a clone the potency gets weaker every time you clone?

    Ok, genetic drift is basically a myth, a clone is a genetic replicate of the plant it was taken from. That being said, clones will decrease in potency over time. The reason is, every grow that plant will invariably encounter some form of stress that will slightly weaken her genetics. Now...
  20. cadlakmike1

    Pizza delivery in Brownsville leads to pot bust

    I think the issue that brought up the endangerment charges was not so much the smoking, as it was the 400lbs being trafficked through the house. I think there is more to this story though, that pizza guy had some sort of vendetta. Come on now, this guy delivers hot, greasy goodness right to...