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  1. valleyboy

    stagnent water?

    Big warning hear. It will probably work, but you're risking introducing disease and molds to the root system, and the water may be low in dissolved O2. Along with Ph issues, salt and residuals posing a possible threat. So, will it work? Yes. Is it ideal? No.
  2. valleyboy

    is it ready?

    This. Marijuana seeds are like apple seeds. Most strains are genetically unstable hybrids (which is why clones are a better option than seeds in the sense of uniformity), and when mixing two unstable hybrids you get something vastly different. It will more than likely carry a few of the...
  3. valleyboy

    A week to go.....

    NCH, I too have seen a decline. A buddy of mine in the commercial industry said he thinks the feds want bigger busts. They want to drive the price back up so they can bust guys making big bucks. Looks better for the DEA to bust some guy making 100K+ from growing pot than it does to find some...
  4. valleyboy

    What are they used for?

    Bcuzz, GH, Advanced, Canna and a few others send their samples into my work to be tested for heavy metals and other harmful substances. They've never once had any dangerous levels. They definitely aren't fit for human consumption.. But I wouldn't be worried about carcinogens.
  5. valleyboy

    Test THC percentage?

    That home test looks pretty cool. I'm sure once you bought the first batch you could find a much cheaper place for their solvents and reactants. Seems to be more of a ballpark method but very cool indeed. And if harborside just bought a chromatographer.. I just might throw in an application.
  6. valleyboy

    Optimum PH.....

    They forgot Boron, which is uncharged, H3BO3. :P
  7. valleyboy

    Flowering tips needed please

    Glad I could be of assistance. Good to know I'm not wasting my money on these damn classes lol.
  8. valleyboy

    What is wrong?

    Run off isn't always the best way to check PH. Dry soil in the oven at 185F/85C, once completely dry take 50 grams of soil and mix with 200ML of DI'd or RO'd water or any ratio of 1:4 soil weight:water weight. Shake for 20 minutes and then meter. Only other possible problem I can think of...
  9. valleyboy

    Flowering tips needed please

    Senescence is the natural removal of unneeded or unproductive plant material. In tree crops and perennials you see this as winter dormancy (also a survival technique). Leaves are no longer needed because fruit has been set, production is done and it uses cytokinins to signal the plant to begin...
  10. valleyboy

    Flowering tips needed please

    There is a process in all plants called senescence. It is a naturally occurring process in plants where low phytochrome stimulation (lack of sufficient light(as well as a barrage of other possible factors)) causes release of cytokinins to try to remove the sugars before a high presence of...
  11. valleyboy

    Flowering tips needed please

    I have removed lower branches from plants during flower before. It is much more beneficial to do it prior to flowering. But it doesn't look like it has been flowering more than 2-3 weeks anyways. Right now the lower branches are using more photosynthates than they will produce. They aren't...
  12. valleyboy

    Son forgot about brownies that baked mom, co-workers

    I wish this kinda thing happened at my work.
  13. valleyboy

    Object moving across sky

    *cough cough* Man made Satellite *cough cough* :P
  14. valleyboy

    Oakland to host nation's 1st marijuana street fair

    If it's the one I have the flyer for, It was Sep 3rd and 4th. 300 Dollars for a judge pass.. Wish I could have gone.
  15. valleyboy

    Genetic Anomoly

    This is absolutely weird. Did you treat the leaf with any auxins or other hormones? The buds for a compound leaf should be at the base of the petiole not the top. I just don't get why there would be reproductive tissue at that part of the leaf at all. Cool though.
  16. valleyboy

    What's wrong with my plants? Piccies....

    Quick list from my crop pest control notes: Garden Snail Grasshopper Field Cricket Earwig Cabbage Worm Grapeleaf Skeletonizer Meal Moth Fruit Moth Codling Moth Tomato Hornworm Corn Earworm Yellow Striped Army Worm I was going to finish the list but there are many more pests with rasping and...
  17. valleyboy

    anybody ever try this

    Maybe you could bend one of these into it. Lol.
  18. valleyboy

    No medical records? No problem. Got my pot card at Hempfest

    In all the cards I ever got, I never needed previous medical documentation. Although I did bring it a few times.
  19. valleyboy

    Mycorrhizae are the rule, not the exception.

    I'm itchin' to get some tests started. When I get things rollin skagit, I'd love to have people like yourself send it samples from sick plants. Dry'em, grind'em, Disgest'em, Meter'em, find out what the deficiency is, if there is one. Looks to me though like it might be a pest problem. That...
  20. valleyboy

    Mycorrhizae are the rule, not the exception.

    I use Myco Applications, mostly because I got 10+ lbs for free from work. They have a good Glomus profile, and they have a mix with about 9 additional root fungi. Great white has a close profile to Myco App's Rhizo mix, only Myco apps has concentrations ranging from 10's of thousands of...