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  1. thomjarl

    the online buyers guide:

    Tried hxxp// out, best customer service ever. They screwed up my order, but made up for it by sending it out express and added samples of nutri+ and pens for free :-)
  2. thomjarl

    SpinPro leaf trimmer ?

    If you are going for a manual trimmer I would go for the original, no knock-off like spinpro. Here's the original: [u]hxxp://[/url]
  3. thomjarl

    Equipment question

    Makes your ph/ec/tds/ppm meters last longer
  4. thomjarl

    Equipment question

    You will want to use storage solutions to keep your readers in tact. quick google search for editstorage and calibation solutions[/URL]
  5. thomjarl

    New apartment

    How do you go by finding out how much you can add to your outlet ?
  6. thomjarl

    the online buyers guide:

    Need to see more of these shops! Too bad this thread died out..