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  1. hollywood52

    white queen????

  2. hollywood52

    *NEW GROWER* Looking for advice on a closet grow room

    How deep is the closet? A lot depends on budget. Unless you got led money I would definitely think about good intake and exhaust. A 400 without proper ventilation probably get pretty hot in that closet. You might want to look into t5 lighting less heat and I've seen some solid grows. As far as...
  3. hollywood52

    aeroponics!! help?

    Have done still..go DWC
  4. hollywood52

    i cant believe this stuff!!!!

    I find this crazy..I've had a smart meter for 5 plus..more then 2 k..and if the police started raiding every body that had a cpl k..would be a whole lot of work for mostly probation and idk if this was adressed but ir can't see thru ur house they are looking for exaust..don't get it twisted I...
  5. hollywood52

    Treat's Tent Tales

    :holysheep: :yeahthat:
  6. hollywood52

    To young to feed?

    imo mj fast evolving an growers need to be..i start seedling w the time the first 5 come they get reg veg nutes have no problems..jmo
  7. hollywood52

    BtB, Kalichakra and Papaya

    check ph,could be some kind of lockout
  8. hollywood52

    Pre-98 Bubba

    looking nice iron.
  9. hollywood52

    First Journal good soil mix
  10. hollywood52

    First Journal

    its not a good organic mix but if this is your first grow id stick w it...pic say a thousand words
  11. hollywood52

    Hurricane Irene

  12. hollywood52

    First Journal

  13. hollywood52

    Mostly Mandala

    looking good thg that satori/dynomite looks nice
  14. hollywood52

    Help me search for a MOM

    look good piece..looks like they fillin in
  15. hollywood52

    bagseed a true underdawg story

    yh thats why i switched w my rasberry kush. this bagseed can go 12/12 from cutting. yh ive only gone 9 wks w her before but this time im thinkin 10-11
  16. hollywood52

    bagseed a true underdawg story

    heres pic after 1 wk veg 2days after toped. moved to aero veg doesnt need as much training as other strains i have.
  17. hollywood52

    3" or 4" pipes for vertical NFT system?

    im with thg on the floral foam . imo rapid rooter work well but regardless good luck zem always nice to see somebody attacking a new project
  18. hollywood52

    3" or 4" pipes for vertical NFT system?

    zem its not just net pot i start flower from cutting in 4" tube 2in net pot at the end of cycle those 4" tube full i mean FULL of roots..not to say you cant root prun
  19. hollywood52

    biobizz or hollands secret or canna nutes

    same here cheaper online and better selection
  20. hollywood52

    3" or 4" pipes for vertical NFT system?

    man i run aero but as far as pvc pipes i would say 2 inch netpot need 4" pvc netpot bigger then that need 6"