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  1. ReeferMadness

    Who R These Jerks Testing Stoners?

    i applied for a new job at hooters and they're testing me, i'm not sure if it's because they do that to every employee or if the person who recommended me just got fired one of my friends is forced to go to a christian school, one day a teacher claimed he smelled like cannabis, then the...
  2. ReeferMadness

    drug test in two days

    ahh, i'm a dude.. i'm applying to be a full time dish washer. i'm thinking on sneaking in piss i don't stand much chance on being able to sweat it all out, that's alot of exercise! i've heard it takes several months for a medium/heavy smoker to get clean for a test, i don't think i can squeeze...
  3. ReeferMadness

    drug test in two days

    hey i'm getting a new job and today they told me that i need to take a piss test wednesday, i smoked today (monday), and smoked yesterday (sunday), but before smoking yesterday, i hadn't smoked since last saturday because i was out of down, though before that saturday i was smoking practically...
  4. ReeferMadness

    New Pipe!

    Ah, nice utensils man
  5. ReeferMadness

    Russians Invent Drug Free Cannabis

    Sorry about the link.
  6. ReeferMadness

    Am I the only one who hears things?

    Hahaha, that sounds hillarious. Sucks he broke his phone though.
  7. ReeferMadness

    Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection

    That is awesome! Nice read, thank you.
  8. ReeferMadness

    Russians Invent Drug Free Cannabis

    Long time no post, gang. I'm back. Sorry if this was already posted, I'm tired and didn't check. Scientists from the Russian city of St. Petersburg have announced they had managed to develop a new, drug-free variant of cannabis which, if grown on industrial level, would cross with wild...
  9. ReeferMadness

    emergency! drug test in 3 days!

    Check out the sure gel sticky, it has detailed directions. No it doesn't clean out your system.
  10. ReeferMadness

    Whoever can answer this, much appreciated

    Yeah, i don't know any circumstances that would use sliva testing though
  11. ReeferMadness

    Pool Chllin

    I have alot of yardwork planned for tomorrow.. You are quite lucky.
  12. ReeferMadness

    I need you opinion ( thanks )

    Sorry for double post. Another thing is, if you're trying to legalize, you need to get others to join us, not all of the stoners together. You need to decide wether your making a sight for cool stoners to hang out, or to try to make a difference in the drug war.
  13. ReeferMadness

    I need you opinion ( thanks )

    You really need to work on that site. Make it less gay, get rid of the music, no one wants to hear it. Get rid of the parental advisory extreme high, that's retarted. Get rid of the '420' and 'stoner' crap everywhere. Make it look like we have common sense, state straight facts, no...
  14. ReeferMadness

    Hello all!

    Yeah joints aren't too fun to roll. Do like everyone said and try to get some good ol' Oxygen in your lungs inbetween smaller hits.
  15. ReeferMadness

    Mary Wanna

    Welcome !
  16. ReeferMadness

    Newby Grower

    Shouldn't this be in a growing section? //Future advice.
  17. ReeferMadness

    Pushing 40 !!!

    Well.. I'm glad I'm young.
  18. ReeferMadness

    High MUSIC

    ^^^ I hate audioslave, we need back rage against the machine. Anyway, high songs? Phish songs : Sample in a jar, Roggae, Wading in the velvet sea, Brian and robert, Dirt, Farmhouse, and every other phish song. Grateful dead : High time, Franklin's tower, Space, Friend of the devil...