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    legal money

    I am well aware of the big investments being made in Cannabis, particularly by Corona Brewing and Altria (the parent company of Marlboro). However, if you look at the $1.8 billion investments made by Altria, they are in Canada where marijuana is legal now, in a company called Cronos. Also Corona...
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    Looking for strains with high CBD content.

    You may do better to have him inhale THC, CBD and terpenes to get direct contact with cancer cells in his lungs. Also strains with pinene will help to clear his airways almost instantly on inhaling.
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    legal money

    Yes, apparently things have changed in the last year or so, but it all remains in a state of flux. As the federal laws are now, the FDIC will not insure a payment processor or financial institution working with a marijuana business until weed is decriminalized at the federal level. While it...
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    legal money

    They are just using it like a cash machine that way. Thus there is no direct link to a bank and the point of sale. Its the same as having an ATM machine in the lobby, as they do here in Oregon. Also some 3rd party companies like Tokken are using blockchain to insulate the sales and using pin...
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    legal money

    Huh? Weed business is all cash business out here in the west. Banks are all FDIC, and that is federal. As a schedule 1 narcotic classified drug, banks cannot do business with any marijuana business in the US. Its all cash. Payroll is paid in cash. Transactions are all in cash buying and selling...
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    Looking for strains with high CBD content.

    This from the web: Harvard University researchers have found that, in both laboratory and mouse studies, delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cuts tumor growth in half in common lung cancer while impeding the cancer's ability to spread.
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    Looking for strains with high CBD content.

    Lots of good high CBD strains out there. I have tried all of these... Frank's Gift: About 2:1 THC:CBD ratio. 8% CBD and 4% THC. Harle Tsu: Variable in THC:CBD ratio, first one was 10% CBD and 1% THC, another was 8% CBD and 5% THC. AC/DC: good flavor/terpenes. The one I have now is 15% CBD and...
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    The Terpenes of Cannabis, Their Aromas, and Effects

    Great listing of the terpenes. So little is actually published out there about them, and there are over 200 known terpenes produced by Cannabis. They are all produced in the plant, BTW, and made from a single molecule called isoprene. They are split between the lighter and simpler ones, called...
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    Seed library list

    I have over 75 landrace and heirloom strains that I have collected starting in 1977. I keep them frozen and they keep basically forever that way. Dunno why everyone says not to freeze them, they can last forever this way. I read about freezing seeds in the book, Marijuana Potency by Michael...
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    Mites !!!!!!!!!

    Because light breaks down aza. And rapidly. As for Aza being bad, that is a lot of doo doo. There have been NO reported fatalities or serious illness from Aza or raw Neem oil, and they do not even test for it in Oregon. But there is a lot of anti-Neem and anti-Aza hype out there. And here too I...
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    Sleeping meds?

    Not so. Blue Dream WILL put you to sleep. Mine will anyway. I grew a cut from Santa Cruz, the real deal. Do not get hung up on strains being sativa or indica dominant and reliably having any consistent traits one way or the other. Cannabis genetics are very fickle, especially highly crossed...
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    Growing for 45+ years now

    Yep, I planted my first weed seeds back in '72. From the Monterey Peninsula originally, now living in the Oregon Cascades. I thought I posted some on this forum before, but my post count is zero here. So hello, or hello again...
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    Sleeping meds?

    Blue Dream and Granddaddy Purple work well for inducing sleep for me. Also any weed originally with THC that is old will have more CBN, as THC breaks down into CBN about 10% a year on average? CBN has been shown to be as effective as some Rx sleeping pills. I keep some year+ old well cured weed...
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    Recommedations for 1:1 strains and high CBD strains

    I was working on a CBD/THC cross here myself, but I got into it with hemp seed suppliers that refused to sell me seeds knowing that I was crossing them with "marijuana" (oh my gawd! Not Mary Juana!). I decided that there was no point in trying to re-invent the wheel, so I searched for some...
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    Let's talk proper seed storage

    I have seeds that have been frozen for over 40 years now and I still get germination rates between 60% and 100%. No special drying or long list of stuff needed. I just froze bag weed seeds from about 1977 and on. Moved over a dozen times and thawed out during moves, thawed in power outages...
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    List and reviews of U.S. Seedbanks

    I have only dealt with RSC seeds in the UK and they do not deliver directly to the US. I had to go through friends in the EU to get them here. Supposedly they will deliver here in the near future though? Real deal seeds there, good germination rates. I only buy landrace and early heirlooms, and...