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    restricting plant size?

    My friend has 6 strains he wants to try to bonsai. he has them in 2.5 inch post and is going to grow then until he can take clones. The clones he is going to try to bonsai, Jusy a fyi so know we have 6 plants that he wants to grow in a 2.5 ft by 3.5 ft area. I know this area is small, but...
  2. J

    Reservoir thermosts on/off

    hello this is for the res. wouldn't 78 be to high? grow algae? i guess i should of stated 65-70 settingd for sure.
  3. J

    Reservoir thermosts on/off

    looking into it, i found a couple, but 180 degree temp settings, to high but helped thank you
  4. J

    Reservoir thermosts on/off

    My friend has a old electric colman cooler that cools the contentes 20-30 degrees cooler than the outside air. Alone it would be to cold. Does anyone know of a on/off thermostat you can set to around 68 degrees. I have search and cant find anything. maybe my wording was wrong when i searched...
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    Help with multi strains and nutes

    Hello, i just want to say thanks for the info on this site and i love what you are all doing My friend has a ebb flow with a 8 plant set up. If you look at one site it says it is indica dominant and is a 55 day strain. Another site says it is a sativa dominant and a 70 day strain. I think i...