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  1. rockydog

    Smokin Mom's Harvest...Cured Weight Poll

    Congrats on that terrific harvest. Sorry I missed the pole. Enjoy it and smoke some for me ok
  2. rockydog

    Hours of lighting

    12/12 and 24/0 for veg is what I use but is debatable because a lot of people believe that the plants need dark for proper photosynthesis. Some people use 18/6.
  3. rockydog

    white widow 1 pic update

    Great looking plants. Cant wait to see your girls start developing buds. WW is one of my favorite strains to look at.
  4. rockydog

    Please explain what topping is This should help
  5. rockydog

    What would you do??

    I dont have kids yet, but I think teaching them the responsibilities there are while smoking the herb. (If that is the right way to phrase it) I believe that if they understand that there is a right and wrong way, they will see the differance. I personally was gonna smoke regardless of what my...
  6. rockydog

    Best Concert Experience...

    Either Metallica in 93 or 94, Red Hot Chili Peppers in 95-96, or Smashing Pumpkins two days before they initially broke up. I'd probably go with Metallica though. Great live show.
  7. rockydog

    I'am 52 Curious About Your Age??

    28 years young here.
  8. rockydog

    Dr Chronic (New Order!)

    Wow congrats. I'm happy to see everthng is good so far. Cant wait to hear about you growing em.
  9. rockydog


    Seeds are available. If it is the real Lowryder it is a Ruderalias strain which does automatic flowering, meaning you have no control over when it flowers it just does it by itself. The are very short plants that generally dont produce huge amounts. I hear the buzz is decent though.
  10. rockydog

    Nute burn..?

    Always start only adding nutes when the plant asks for it until you find out what the strain you are growing at the time likes. You may be alright this time, but a flush may not be a bad idea. What do you mean by the hairs are shriveling up and dying? Hairs do shrivel and die as new ones are...
  11. rockydog

    Happy Birthday Rasta

    Hey Rasta, Happy Birthday. Happy to see your having a great day so far. Now just enjoy the rest. Peace.
  12. rockydog

    the light bill :(

    They kinda need a reason to look at your electric bill. I dont think the electric companies care your spending more money. Its usually only $40-60 more a month anyways. Turning on the A/C or Heat can cause that jump in price. I would just be careful and follow the cardinal rule. Tell NOBODY what...
  13. rockydog

    I'm going to...

    I agree.
  14. rockydog


    Some nice looking plants there. Cant wait to see those Deisel in bloom. Im sending some mojo your way. Good growing.
  15. rockydog

    odor control for veg or flower?

    My AK-47 smelled during veg, while others didnt. It is truly strain dependant.
  16. rockydog

    Is it me?

    Thanks TBG, I have missed you guys. I cant wait to dig through your picture threads and see what you've been up to.
  17. rockydog

    about to harvets in a couple of weeks and would like advice on first dry

    I hang em upside down in a dark walk in closet for 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of plants. Then they are moved into mason jars in which are kept in a dark area. I open the jars once a day for about an hour for the first 2 weeks, then I reduce opening it until once a week for about a month...
  18. rockydog

    WW Micro Grow

    That is awesome. Very frosty for a seedling thrown directly into flowering. Cant wait to hear how she smokes.
  19. rockydog

    LST and what is it...

    I was just looking for that post, LOL
  20. rockydog

    coments on the babies

    Do I see 2 plaants in one pot? Big no no. I would transplant to some larger containers and let them veg a bit longer. I'd read the post jash just posted and that should get you the info you need.