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    420 Collection

    lol, TGB, you always have some interesting signature.
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    has any ever?

    for the most parts, they probably think people ordering 10 seeds arent big time dealers and crop growers, those people have connections who can get them hundreds of thousands of seeds with no risk.
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    We Smoke Mad Weed -

    about 2 or so grams a month, you figure out why.
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    high Lumens

    well, outside on a sunny day, its around 10,000, so your fine.
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    I need you opinion ( thanks )

    thats doesent do anything, becuase the lawyer isnt gonna want to be around the high school tweeker, you gotta mix them all together.
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    I need you opinion ( thanks )

    videos of cancer/aids patients using it, documenteries on why it was made illegal to begin with, a list of the diseases and sicknesses it can help with, maybe a few interwiews with innocent people who got raided, and how it affected there lives,ect.
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    I need you opinion ( thanks )

    get rid of that positive vibe hippie bullshit, and someone might take you seriously.
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    Hidden plants.

    dont order from asmsterdam, they have a reputation for getting intercepted by customs if your in the US.
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    this site rocks

    yeah, its ok i guess.
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    California City Lightens Up On Marijuana Users

    well, there gun laws are still getting tighter, so i hope it just sinks into the pacific soon.
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    Decisions, the right one?

    okay, im gonna go for 10200 lumens, thats 6 lights, i hope thats enough,lol, plus, i went to home depot, and im gonna have the extra cash after i but soil, perlite, and peat moss, which was cheaper than i planned, lol.
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    The SWAT Syndrome

    ah, i didnt know he was talking about puerto rico, i ignore firearms laws in america, but thats different.
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    The SWAT Syndrome

    well, agents will pay you anything you ask so they can bust you.
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    Pleasant surprise, but help needed!

    i dont think males produce THC, THC is produced as a by product when females arent pollinated by males, correct? if they could make hash or oil, youd be able to smoke them.
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    The SWAT Syndrome

    were they full auto^? i know when your dealing "illegal" guns they will brong swat, but for selling a few semi auto AK's he shoulda been fine.
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    Decisions, the right one?

    Okay, i have a choice, i could do either or, im worried of w fire hazard, i dont want my house to go up in flames since they have to be on 24/7(lowryder grow) heres the choices: my growspace is a few suare feet(literally, like 3.5' total, and around 19" tall) i originally bought threee...
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    The SWAT Syndrome

    they protect there own, and incarserate all others, you dont need law school to know 90% of the moderm american government is based on racism, unreaseonable stereotypes, and bullshit.
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    The SWAT Syndrome

    David Koresh started a cult in which he claimed to be god in human form, he held regular church meetings, and did all the stuff that your average christian would do, except that he claimed he was god, he was seen often to carry an AK47 aroud with him on the compound then his interests turned to...
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    First grow box: advice needed

    Not to rob your thread, but do you guys think a 17x18x24" rubbermaid box is big enough for a few plants? like 5 lowryders, alteast for the first month? i have three compact lights screwed into the top cap, for a total of 5100 lumens i believe, around 3-4 sqare feet total with no fan(ill drill...