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  1. JimmyDozen

    Hooked again

    good start man looking very nice! hope they turn out dank post up some pics!
  2. JimmyDozen

    HYDROPONICS : Getting Rid Of Slimy Roots

    Hydrogen peroxide or something to clean it while the system is running there is a few products hit your local hydro store
  3. JimmyDozen

    Canadian Woman May Be Permanently Banned from US For Having CBD Oil at Border

    what a joke the US laws are sort it the fuk out
  4. JimmyDozen

    Seed Storage

  5. JimmyDozen

    Seed Storage

    a dark cool place
  6. JimmyDozen

    First Grow. Lots of ?? LOL

    Looks like a good start Time to get high
  7. JimmyDozen

    Flying With CBD? TSA Says It’s Cool

    yea dont risk it
  8. JimmyDozen

    Flying With CBD? TSA Says It’s Cool

    Thats good to knw hopefully more people will work this out also
  9. JimmyDozen

    Do you "hold it in" ?

    2-3 seconds for me ... still rather take bong hits though nice triple perker
  10. JimmyDozen

    Rise of the Terpenes

    Yes good post love me some terps!
  11. JimmyDozen

    Optimum PH.....

    Yeah best to mix nutrients separately then balance
  12. JimmyDozen

    FL MMJ Cards?

    Anyone in FL / Orlando area got a card and how hard was it to obtain it ? Is it like california where you just pay money for it or is it scrutinised. Thanks in avance.
  13. JimmyDozen

    Advice on staking

    Cages are a pain in the ass if you need to move anything and also depending on the cage.. One word trellis
  14. JimmyDozen

    Advice on staking

    Yeah stake them if they are falling over but personally trellis is better!
  15. JimmyDozen

    My first tent grow

    Yes what light you got in that tent??
  16. JimmyDozen

    Adding Terpenes Back Into Decarb'd Pot For Edibles

    Good article Im a huge edibles fan My fav is hot sauce haha!