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  1. KADE

    Good Hash... by Accident

    With the gumby method (which works fantastic actually) After removing the leaf from the solution you would give the bucket an hour or so to settle out.... you will actually see the trichomes on the bottom of the bucket pile up... from there scoop off as much water as you can without disturbing...
  2. KADE

    Rookie mistake made, looking for reassurance

    U still doing that? I always figured what people say about losing potency over time was **. BTW, im back.. been a few years... moved around the country a bit... now im settled and getting back at it.
  3. KADE

    how many waters per day ebb flow?

    If you keep aeration high for the res (assuming ph/concentrations are correct) you cannot water too much. If you have a time where your water was to get a little stagnant... especially in younger plants you could be watering too much. Also... it depends on how long it take for the water to drain...
  4. KADE

    air pump above water level?

    u'll be fine as long as the hose is higher at some point then the water. It cant syphon unless it is filled with water. AND it cannot do anything if the pump is constantly blowing air. Plus air pumps are dirt cheap... so who cares what happens to it. =)
  5. KADE

    hydro growth compared to soil

    The Hydro ones are showing some nute burn. Thas why =) A perfectly working hydro will always have more vigor then soil. If there are no variables between the two.
  6. KADE

    ok i got pics of my plant(s) help/tips are greatly appreciated

    I'm down with the hickster.... for instance... I like using a 70-30 mix of perlite to soil. NEVER a problem... makes things easy to not over water. But I can't grow carrots in soil let alone nething else. I like the close to hydro feel.
  7. KADE

    Grow Trays Price?

    Where im at here in the great north they go for $65 + and the cloroplast top is extra
  8. KADE

    what I am looking for...

    I posted a pic of mine on here a million times... ya didn't google enough!
  9. KADE

    super thrive in hydro system?

    Because with superthrive there is NO opinion. It works 100% of the time, all the time.
  10. KADE

    super thrive in hydro system?

    I 100% agree that could of happened... it'll fry plants like an open flame (if not used properly) But try using extra dosage of ANY nute when you shouldn't be... the same thing will happen. If you like to try suppliments... consider pine oil... I've used one called ''pinemyte''. It is...
  11. KADE

    el nodgo with problemo

    It could postpone your flowering by a few weeks... or it could do nothing.. it is a coinflip on which will happen. Either way... everything should be good to go!
  12. KADE

    hydro for just the Mother plant

    About 2 feet I'd say... 2 feet across as well. At the end I was taking 150+ cuttings from her every 2 days. I would recommend 1/4 dosage of nutes if you are not planning on taking cuttings all the time... i was only on 1/2 dosage and it had insane growth.
  13. KADE

    hollow stock?

    Good working hydro setup.. hollow.. everytime.. I haven't grown as much as a couple of the *ahem* ''older aged'' mods... But ive grown for enough years... and I've NEVER had a hydro stalk that wasn't looking like a straw in the middle.
  14. KADE

    10 hrs till probation urine test

    It has been a while for you. One of those cleanser kits should do the job. Those can work in as little as 3 days for ppl w/o a lot of fat. It has been how long since your court date? 2 months? That isn't long enough for some ppl to get rid of thc in their body... At the very least... If you...
  15. KADE

    hollow stock?

    Typically hydro plants all have hollow stems. Soil grown plants do not.
  16. KADE

    hydro for just the Mother plant

    Mother plants theoretically with 24 hour light can live forever. I had one for 1.5 years.
  17. KADE

    super thrive in hydro system?

    Recommended dose is 1 drop per gallon... IT DOES WORK... if anyone was to come up to me and say it didn't I would punch them SQUARE in the jaw.... amazing stuff... however... rumors of it being banned from canada... so if u live up here stock up!
  18. KADE

    New LED's

    If i was a mod i woulda deleted this thread ages ago... or delete a user. =)
  19. KADE

    New LED's

    Since i have a few extra posts compared to some others i'll post my opinion. Until LEDs put out MORE light... so I dont have to put the damned things 2" from my plants all the time. I'm not touching them. Too much maintenence. I've seen (with my own eyes) first hand some good vegging come...
  20. KADE

    gathering pollen

    The pollen on MJ is very very light... and tiny little bit of wind will have that stuff all over the place. I cannot see a plant being ''too small for a bag'' If anything... too big =)