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    Got some CalMag

    I finally got the chemicals I need. Got a big bottle of Cal Mag and the triplet set from Fox Farms. I have mixed the Calmag as per the instructions for growing phase which is 2-4ml per gallon. Haven't mixed the other Fox Farm stuff yet. My question is, when you water with the calmag, do you...
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    Thirsty Girl

    You mention using molasses, how do you apply and how much for each plant?
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    I've got a problem...

    Ok gotcha, thanks for the info.....I'm learning slowly but surely.:angiesfavorite:
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    I've got a problem...

    I apologize for asking so many questions but what is RO and what is an "air stone"?
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    Phosphorus deficiency or normal for plant?

    That is the first reference that I have seen to molasses....what does that do? Please excuse me, I'm a newbie...
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    I've got a problem...

    Are you talking about a pH meter for the water or for the soil? The one I have for the soil, I bought at Lowes and it's seems to be very inaccurate. The one I have for water is a pen that has to be calibrated with known pH packets which is a pain. What do you use to check the pH?
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    I've got a problem...

    This is my first time growing and I'm having problems with my plants. There are, I believe, two problems. One is when to water and the other is when to treat with nutrients. At the end of Sept, the plants came up good from seedlings and were looking good under a florescent grow lite. I bought a...
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    To late to defoliate?

    SubmarineGirl, can you tell me how long it took you to get from the seedling stage to where you are now. Thanks for the info!
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    Well, hey there!

    I'm the new guy....just starting in this agriculture thing. I realize I've got lots to learn but so far so good. I'm sure I will have questions from time to time, but I will glean as much info as I can from previous posts. I look forward to education. Thanks for the add!